Shoot evaluation (Narrative)

Although my narrative shoot was cut shorter than I would have liked it to be due to time arrangements with my actors, we still managed to get all the the main shoots that we needed that were planned on our storyboard and even extra useful shots that we are able to use in our actual edit. Overall I am happy with the shoot because of the amount of shots I was able to get however I would’ve have liked to get more, specifically close ups and shots that add meaning as they would have helped propel my narrative forward. In addition some of the shots could have been better if they were shot more than once giving us more options of what we could use when editing and although I like the shots we have as they are good quality, shooting again to get certain shoots would greatly help to improve our narrative.

What went well:

  • We acquired enough good quality shots that we are able to implement into our product.
  • The actors performed very well giving us good performances in shots allowing us to go on to other shots without staying on one for a long time.
  • Although for half of the shoot we didn’t have all the equipment we needed we were still able to get good shots that will be used in the music video.

Targets for another shoot:

  • Make sure that everything is ready for the shoot so that all the equipment is ready, times actors can be there etc so we can make the most of the shoot.
  • Shoot every shot more than once so if one of them may not be as good as expected there would always be a backup shot we can go to in the edit.
  • Get shots from a variety of angles, when doing on shot get the same shot but in close up, mid shot, from the side etc, maximising the amount of shots we can get while also having more freedom in the edit.


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