Music Video Draft 3


In our third draft we went all out with the special effects and editing, especially compared to our second draft. Here we have implemented more effects in both the performance and narrative sections helping make our edit more exciting and fast pace while also using colour filters to complement our genre making it more edgy and fit our mise-en-scene.


  • We put a layer over most of our narrative portion making it primarily black and white.
  • Sped up the pace of the edit by having some shots be shorter and go faster.
  • Implemented the use and layers allowing us to use multiple shots at once for more visual action and appeal.
  • Added and rearranged some of the shots the have more variety and action while also changing it to make more sense.

Overall I think we made great progress with our video compared to our draft 2 the use of effects and editing techniques really helped to improve the edits pace and look helping us acquire the alternative rock mise-en-scene of being edgy but also lighthearted and fun at the same time. Although the filter over our narrative does help show the meta-narrative of our video there still could be more done to it to help improve that overall section with the use of an effect to make it more comic book or cartoon like while still sending out our message of loneliness, overcoming and friendship, In addition the close-up shot of the main star is not in focus so that will need to be re-shot in order to fix that and make our performance the best we can.




  • Re-shoot Matthiue’s close ups as they are blurry.
  • edit some shots so that they’re edited to the beat and the performers are in frame. Some are shaky so use a warp stabilizer on them.
  • Improve the narrative by either adding more shots to have more in or add special effects over it giving it an animated look.
  • MAYBE change to ending to something less cartoony and as some see it cringe.



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