Music Video Draft 4

In this draft we focused mainly on improving the narrative, we imported most of the narrative footage into photoshop and added a filter over it taking away the greenery and making it overall look vastly edgier, other than this only minor changes have been made such as a glitch effect added on some clips and over pace of edit improved on in our performance.

Here is feedback of Carney watching our video and giving feedback, overall it was positive enjoying the performance and the effects added on to the narrative.


  • Add the glitch effect more so it makes more sense to be there and more intentional.
  • Make the video go lighter to darker so when it does get darker it is easier to identify the effect and message.
  • If possible change up some narrative shots to progress the narrative better, scene like the beat up scene and when pushing the bully.
  • Add more close ups of the fight scene.

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