Evaluation of shoot

Up above is one of the cover sheets that displays a portion of the shots we’ve obtained from the photoshoot for our digipack. In the shoot we focused on getting smooth clean shots so when we manipulated the images in Photoshop the process would be easier and more efficient. Overall this shoot was a success as we achieved our goal of obtain clear shots that we were able to pick from almost all of them we started our digipack covers.

To get the shots to be as we wanted we made great use the flash lighting equipment, this helped as we synced up the lights with our camera so when ever we took a shot, the lights would flash as well, with the use of two lights this made sure that the backgrounds of our images were almost completely white and also that there were no shadows visible at all. This really helped as because the background was just a singular colour so when we photoshop our images we can easily  take out the backgrounds and implement different colours or designs as backgrounds instead.

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