Evaluation of web design application

The creation of our website was used the the online application Wix. The website itself helped me learn about various aspects of web design as it provided us with a multitude of features that we could add to our website, allowing me to make our website more interactive with add-ons that I didn’t consider before using the application. These include tour dates, implementing sliders for general information and a reel of past album covers.

We found that making the website very interactive was important in luring in our audience, as where almost anything you clicked took you somewhere means there would be more interactivity and time spent in the our brand. This includes the implementation of making an account, the navigation bar, social media links at both the top and bottom of each page. This is useful as it would attract the audience to look at other media involving our band such as their social media pages.

The shop page is extremely key to the design of the webpage as it appeals to to the audience for their personal identity as a fan and their social interaction allowing them to communicate with other fans as well with the merchandise. It is a design technique that can branch out beyond the website that attracts people to go on the website for the merch but then also stay for the rest.

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