Website Previous Students Work

The website has everything present on one scrolling page, except for the merchandise which is on a separate page, right as you enter the website you are presented with the name of the star and their latest music video, this is good as it helps establish what genre and style the artists immediately introducing their latest work so that the viewers knows what they are, and then just below there is an about section where the viewer can learn about their background and who they are.

The navigation of the website is easy as everything is on one page, allowing the viewer to just scroll down to the section that they want or click on the section on the navigation bar, letting the website smoothly take them there. Although the navigation is quick and easy, having everything on one scrolling page looks to have limited the amount each section has making the website feel small on content, leaving a lot of blank space in between. In addition having the merch on a separate page is good as it allows for more items, but also interrupts the consistency as every other section is on one page.

Information of the band is clearly identifiable as each section tells you about the group, firstly the music video at the beginning tells you about their latest product, the about tells you about who the group are, who are the members and what genre they are, the discography shows past work, tour dates and general pictures from venues or casual life. This gives the viewer all the possible information they need, and if they want more there are social media links on the right side allowing them to go further within the brand.

The branding of the website doesn’t seem very consistent as the the colour pallete of the website doesn’t communicate with the other media. The website uses a light blue background where as the discography of digipacks don’t show this with the common colours being black and white. The video is unavailable however from the image of the video this also doesn’t communicate with the other media or the website, therefore a brand image isn’t really represents, or at least a vibrant colourful brand is what they may be going for.

The website does fulfill the audience’s uses and gratifications as it offers everything they need. Firstly information is everywhere on the website on each section, giving the audience each needed information on one page. Personal identity and social interaction is presented with the merchandise and social media links. This lets the audience purchase and where the groups merch to identify themselves as a fan letting them communicate with other fans because of the merch. In addition the social media links let them interact with other fans and the group themselves on those social media platforms. Finally entertainment is established immediately as the music video is where the audience lands on when going on the website.


Evaluation of web design application

The creation of our website was used the the online application Wix. The website itself helped me learn about various aspects of web design as it provided us with a multitude of features that we could add to our website, allowing me to make our website more interactive with add-ons that I didn’t consider before using the application. These include tour dates, implementing sliders for general information and a reel of past album covers.

We found that making the website very interactive was important in luring in our audience, as where almost anything you clicked took you somewhere means there would be more interactivity and time spent in the our brand. This includes the implementation of making an account, the navigation bar, social media links at both the top and bottom of each page. This is useful as it would attract the audience to look at other media involving our band such as their social media pages.

The shop page is extremely key to the design of the webpage as it appeals to to the audience for their personal identity as a fan and their social interaction allowing them to communicate with other fans as well with the merchandise. It is a design technique that can branch out beyond the website that attracts people to go on the website for the merch but then also stay for the rest.

Evaluation of shoot

Up above is one of the cover sheets that displays a portion of the shots we’ve obtained from the photoshoot for our digipack. In the shoot we focused on getting smooth clean shots so when we manipulated the images in Photoshop the process would be easier and more efficient. Overall this shoot was a success as we achieved our goal of obtain clear shots that we were able to pick from almost all of them we started our digipack covers.

To get the shots to be as we wanted we made great use the flash lighting equipment, this helped as we synced up the lights with our camera so when ever we took a shot, the lights would flash as well, with the use of two lights this made sure that the backgrounds of our images were almost completely white and also that there were no shadows visible at all. This really helped as because the background was just a singular colour so when we photoshop our images we can easily  take out the backgrounds and implement different colours or designs as backgrounds instead.

Web Page Draft 1

This is our website!!!



  • Add pictures of merchandise for the merchandise page,
  • Don’t repeat content, for example don’t have tour dates on both splash page and tour page,
  • Change up the colour layout, get more opinions on page background,
  • Take out the E-mail subscription input,
  • Make sure only our own pictures are being used.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

The production of our digipak gave me then opportunity to experiment with many different tools and effects on Photoshop, and as shown above I have implemented these new ideas in order to create a disintegration effect for the inside left of my digipak.

In order to achieve this effect the primary tool that I used was the brush tool which in fact is a tool I rarely use, with the brush tool to get the exact kind of brush I wanted to achieve the effect I had to adjust the brushes shape dynamics and scattering while also constantly changing the size of the brush while using it.

In addition to using features of the brush tool that In wasn’t familiar with before I also used layer tools that were new to me, for example I copied the same layer twice in result having three of the same picture while also adding a layer mask to two of them. For the middle layer I made it content aware so the picture would blend in with its background, and on the top layer I liquefied the image to stretch it out to the other end so when I used the brush the disintegration effect would be created.

What went well:

  • The effect was achieved in my image, providing the disintegration effect adding the theme of fading away or possibly destruction being present.
  • The gradient filter suits the effect well adding conventional rock genre colour effects that emphasise the reds and black.

Even better if:

  • More adjustments were made on the brush tool to make the effect look better, the brush could have been more sharp looking to suit the rock genre more.
  • blended the effect with the image more to look smoother, having the effect fully integrated into the image to make it look higher quality.