Photoshoot Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

This is my groups production meeting agenda for out digipak photo shoot, in this document we established the dates of meeting and the shoot, what kind of shots we wanted, who we would be shooting and the mise-en-scene that we want for it. This was useful for our shoot as it gave us a plan in which we could stick to during the shoot and made it more organized to set up and get our performers to know what they need and where they’re going.

This risk assessments assessment is useful as that we can identify any hazards that may be present at the location of the shoot so we can control that risk ensuring that the shoot environment is completely safe for both us and our performers.

Feedback on mock up and targets

With my digipack mock up I went around with a list of genres and adjectives and asked people which genre they think it most resembles and which adjective describes it best. The options for genre were punk, indie, alternative rock, heavy metal and pop in which most people thought that it was either punk or alternative rock both, this is helpful as it shows us that our genre is recognizable within our product but it can be mixed up with other genres that have similar aspects easily, therefore in the actual product we will have to add more conventional alternative rock themes so that it would be more clearly identifiable.

On the other hand with the adjectives we had heavy, playful, chill, edgy and grungy in which almost everybody choose grungy to describe my digipak. This is very good as a grungy feel is part of what we were going for as it is an aspect within the alternative rock genre so this the tells us that grungy themes do persists in our product and that they are easily identifiable. Therefore this tells us that in our final product the design style that we are going for is on the right track and only minor changes need to be made.


  • Add more conventional alternative rock themes.
  • Stick with the grungy design style.
  • Improve on mise-en-scene, maybe change up the costume and add props to establish genre.

Previous Students Work

Appropriate to task: I would give it a lower level 4 in this as the product is conventional and reflects its genre which the evidence of a mod and British punk/rock them as shown by the use of a Union Jack flag and the electric scooter. In addition it uses a good variety of models totalling in 4 unique personalities and costume that is conventional to the genre. There are some comedy aspects with how some of the models are shot but this is controlled so it doesn’t go all the way to being a parody.

Use ICT appropriately: This is an upper level 4 as there is clear and intelligent use of apps such as photoshop, indesign and possible other. This is shown through the layout of the digipak for example the inside right cover is a picture of an L plate but then edited so the top left corner peels off to reveal another picture of the band.

Manipulating Photos: The pictures used in this digipak have clear and skillful use of photo manipulation therefore I’m giving it an upper level 4, this is shown through how they use colour filter on the front and back cover, specifically on the front cover where the background of the image has a black and white filter that appeals to the British punk/rock genre and tone while also having the band members in the foreground still in colour presenting the theme of the bands importance.

Mise-En-Scene selection: clear use of mise-en-scene that is a lower level 4, firstly costume very well suits a British music genre theme with the use of a Union Jack shirt and clothing that closely represents a mod. lighting is calm, done well in each picture so that we can clearly see band members and objects, the action is conventional to a band, showing them all close together and getting up to antics, make-up is only seems to be done on one band member and is more casual, the props used emphasise this mod theme with the electric scooter and the helmet and finally the setting being all greyed out is conventional to the genre and helps the foreground stand out.

Digipak Photo mock-up

 Back cover                                                           Front coverInside left                                                          Inside right

This is the mock up for our digipak. For this we tried to go for an alternative rock style as that is our genre, therefore we didn’t want to go with hardcore and dark imagery and instead went for a more lighthearted and a more band focused theme while still having a bit of edgy and grungy elements really trying to go for an “alternative” version of rock that some may see as an 80’s rock style. This mock up may come across as too lighthearted and could be seen as a parody so when it comes to our actual digipak we will have to make it a bit more edgy or dark to fit the alternative rock genre more.

This task has helped us establish a basic idea for what we want to do with our final product, using most of the ideas that we have implemented to our mock we will adjust and stylize them with our actual band members making use of light and editing techniques to achieve these effects.

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Here is an analysis on a conventional rock digipak. I looked at the style and design of the digipak to identify the conventional aspects that is used to make up a rock digipak. We looked at the layout, colours, font, picture manipulation and how each of them are used to fit the genre and how these techniques are used to do this.

This has helped me when thinking about what to do with my digipak by showing me what is conventional to the genre I now have a template that I can use when creating mine instead of going in blind, while also adding my own ideas using both conventional and unconventional aspects to create a unique and appealing digipak.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

One of the new main skills that I learned was how to use photoshop in order to add effects and filters in my video, this gave me a wider and more creative range of options than I did on premiere for I was able to add multiple filters making my video have more visual appeal and meaning through the filters I decided to add. This really helped propel the representation of our narrative giving it a more edgy vibe with the use a a special black and white filter.

On Premiere Lenny had taught us how to make use of adjustment layers, these are incredibly useful for instead of adding colour correction or effects to one clip at a time we can add an adjustment layer with those aspects on the layer above the sequence we want and it would put those effects to all of them at once, this made the editing process go much faster as we were able to do colour editing to multple clips all at once.

What went well:

  • The photoshop filter gave our narrative better mise-en-scene and representation of our narrative storyline.
  • Adjustment layers helped for fast and more efficient editing.
  • The overall colour of our video has improved and looks more fitting for our video.

Even better if:

  • Made use of more effects within the adjustment layer to add more visual effects in the video.
  • With the photoshop filters, tone them down a bit for in some shots visuals are obstructed by the filter.


Music Video Draft 4

In this draft we focused mainly on improving the narrative, we imported most of the narrative footage into photoshop and added a filter over it taking away the greenery and making it overall look vastly edgier, other than this only minor changes have been made such as a glitch effect added on some clips and over pace of edit improved on in our performance.

Here is feedback of Carney watching our video and giving feedback, overall it was positive enjoying the performance and the effects added on to the narrative.


  • Add the glitch effect more so it makes more sense to be there and more intentional.
  • Make the video go lighter to darker so when it does get darker it is easier to identify the effect and message.
  • If possible change up some narrative shots to progress the narrative better, scene like the beat up scene and when pushing the bully.
  • Add more close ups of the fight scene.

Music Video Draft 3


In our third draft we went all out with the special effects and editing, especially compared to our second draft. Here we have implemented more effects in both the performance and narrative sections helping make our edit more exciting and fast pace while also using colour filters to complement our genre making it more edgy and fit our mise-en-scene.


  • We put a layer over most of our narrative portion making it primarily black and white.
  • Sped up the pace of the edit by having some shots be shorter and go faster.
  • Implemented the use and layers allowing us to use multiple shots at once for more visual action and appeal.
  • Added and rearranged some of the shots the have more variety and action while also changing it to make more sense.

Overall I think we made great progress with our video compared to our draft 2 the use of effects and editing techniques really helped to improve the edits pace and look helping us acquire the alternative rock mise-en-scene of being edgy but also lighthearted and fun at the same time. Although the filter over our narrative does help show the meta-narrative of our video there still could be more done to it to help improve that overall section with the use of an effect to make it more comic book or cartoon like while still sending out our message of loneliness, overcoming and friendship, In addition the close-up shot of the main star is not in focus so that will need to be re-shot in order to fix that and make our performance the best we can.




  • Re-shoot Matthiue’s close ups as they are blurry.
  • edit some shots so that they’re edited to the beat and the performers are in frame. Some are shaky so use a warp stabilizer on them.
  • Improve the narrative by either adding more shots to have more in or add special effects over it giving it an animated look.
  • MAYBE change to ending to something less cartoony and as some see it cringe.