Specsavers creative team feedback

Here is the feedback and advice that my group have received from a media professional from Specsavers. This feedback was very useful as he helped us give more incite into what direction our narrative was going and to think about aspects like lighting and how that can help our performance overall.

  • For narrative we should create a back story for our star so we know what kind of character he is so it is easier for us to represent what is happening in the narrative.
  • If we want to implement some comedy aspects to make the video more interesting but not too much or it would interfere with the rest of the video in a bad way.
  • To ensure that we can control the kind of lighting we want in our music video the location is very important, preferably a dark room using our own lights so we can control how it looks in both production and post production.
  • In post production we can make use of adjustment layers and lumetri scale to control the kind of colour correction we want to use in our performance and have more creative freedom.
  • Make use of the different layers making editing for colour correction and a split between narrative and performance easier.

Genre Conventions Analysis

This is a voicethread of our genre analysis on our chosen music video genre, alternative rock. Here we go over the key concepts of how the alternative rock genre is represented through various aspects such as the stars, mise-en-scene and repertoire of elements. This task is very important for when it comes to our music video for it helps us to understand the blueprints that form an alternative rock music video and our target audience, analyzing the generic conventions of an alternative rock music video in order to appease the audience that we are targeting.

Visual Shot List for Performance shoot

This is a shot list that we created by gathering multiple shots from various music videos that we can use in our music video to convey our genre and star image. We picked these shots because each of them we can implement into our own music video as each of these shots are used to convey the alternative rock style which is the same genre as the song we have picked for our music video.

Test shoots

This is a short video that uses 20 seconds of out chosen song to make a short music video. For a first try I believe that it went really well, we were able to use multiple locations that fit the genre of the song and we acquired a variety of shot distances and framing to use in our video, in addition due to having a wide range of shots the post production went really well with smooth cuts from shots and creative editing techniques like the blur out at the end. I am also happy with Nic’s performance, he was able to lip sync with the song very well making it easier in post production to sync the song with the shots.

Targets to improveĀ for next time:

  • Attempt use more video effects like slow-motion, depth of field and pulling focus for more varied shots.
  • Improved colour correction in shots as some shots had different lighting and colour
  • Acquired more close-up shots to use and have choice in variety
  • It would have been better if he moved through the frame more to have more action and visual appeal.
  • Have the costume fit the mise-en-scene as a suit and tie doesn’t fit the alternative rock style.
  • Adding more locations to have variety in shots and have a more clear representation of the genre.


Final song choice

Our final decision was that my pitch to do Move along by All American Rejects was the song that we were going to do for our music video. We choose to do this over Nic’s as my pitch already had clearer ideas for what actors we were going to use for the characters and with less locations they would be far more easier to organise and work with. In addition the alternative rock genre has an easier identifiable mise-en-scene helping us with our costume design and style of the video. The amplified narrative of the video is also a factor as it would give a more clear portrayal of the songs message, although some changes can be made to the narrative we have both agreed that these changes are suitable and would improve our video.

Song short list and moodboards

The songs we have pitched are:

All American Rejects – Move Along

The reasons for choosing to do my pitch would be that my narrative would have more links to the song that I’ve chosen as it would be illustration helping to convey the message of the song and video more effectively, We would also have more varied location shots adding creativity and visual appeal.The genre of my song choice is alternative rock which I believe would give us a lot of creative freedom as that genre spans throughout the rock genre. The narrative of my video would suit my song as it is about a boy who is alone and is shown to be constantly bullied, he tries to move forward but at some points he gives up, even going as far to self harm and commit suicide, however he stops himself from doing does things and continues to move along in life, in the end he gets help from a group of people who become his friends and continues to move along with them, which would clearly convey the message of moving along and not giving up to the audience.

Timeflies – Under The Sea

The reasons for choosing Nic’s pitch is that it would be rather easy to organise as the locations and actors needed are quite minimum making the shooting days themselves easier to organise and shoot. The editing would done so there quick cuts using visual techniques making it visually appealing and fast paced. The narrative in Nic’s video would be more of a disjuncture as it would be about the stars creating the song and showing multiple parts of the process, linking back to the song as if that was the song they were making.