So how did it go?

Now that the making process of my magazine is finished I have taken some time to look back at the overall process of each of my magazine pages from how they were when I originally made each of them to how I improved them through multiple drafts to reach my final product.

At the beginning stages of making my magazine with the first draft of my front cover I was still only getting used to using Indesign and was only just learning the skills and techniques that I know now, However by the final drafts of each of my pages I had learnt how to apply the techniques I’ve learned over the weeks and utilise them in my final magazine pages.

Overall I am proud of the progress I have made with my magazine as the final product shows all of the work I have done up to that point and through my final drafts they portray all of the skills and techniques that I have learnt on Indesign and Photoshop and how I’ve applied those skills into my final product.


These are the adverts that I have decided to include in my magazine, I’ve chosen to use these two adverts for I feel that this is what my target audience would consume, as my target audience are rock music fans and their age range is mainly from early to late 20’s. The help me decide what adverts to use I used yougov and looked at the magazine Kerrang! that I thought is similar to mine to see what their audience is interested in so I could base what my audience is interested off that.

Teacher feedback and final targets


Front page: 

  • Add extra effect to the banner
  • Change the plugs font
  • Add something to the pug to make it stand out more.

Contents page: 

  • Place the text better in the caption
  • Make the word features stand out more
  • Instead of 2010’s change it to of the year
  • Fix grammar mistakes
  • Change the picture of Alyssa to a different model
  • Just say the number not page then the number
  • Change the font for “Omen”.


  • Fix the spacing of the headline
  • Put a quote with the insert
  • Move the “I” up to fit the paragraph.