So how did it go?

Now that the making process of my magazine is finished I have taken some time to look back at the overall process of each of my magazine pages from how they were when I originally made each of them to how I improved them through multiple drafts to reach my final product.

At the beginning stages of making my magazine with the first draft of my front cover I was still only getting used to using Indesign and was only just learning the skills and techniques that I know now, However by the final drafts of each of my pages I had learnt how to apply the techniques I’ve learned over the weeks and utilise them in my final magazine pages.

Overall I am proud of the progress I have made with my magazine as the final product shows all of the work I have done up to that point and through my final drafts they portray all of the skills and techniques that I have learnt on Indesign and Photoshop and how I’ve applied those skills into my final product.

So… How is it going?

Through the making of each of my magazine pages I have used the way I have edited my images and layout to clearly reflect my brand and genre through the use of consistency of font and colour in the each page. I am happy with how my pages turned, the red, black and white colour scheme really helped when it came to portraying the more dark and grunge of the rock genre that I was trying to show.

In addition the editing of the images of my stars in Photoshop also help show this for I believe they were also done very well as each image was cut so it would fit in the magazine page and I also edited the brightness and colour of the image so my stars would fit the genre better, for example in the normal pictures Nic has blonde hair but I edited the images so he would have black hair which went really well, these helped to reflect my brand as it made it so my stars fit in the genre even better making it easier portrayed to the audience.

Though there are improvements that can be made I am overall happy with my magazine page drafts as through doing them I have learned how to use Photoshop and Indesign to a better extent and how to use them to reflect my brand which I now also have a better understanding of how to do so through these tasks and will use this as reference for my future work.

Design Skills 2

Through the process of making the double page spread for my music magazine I learned and used different skills and techniques to help it continue the style and mise-en-scene of the rock genre being dark and grungy so I stuck the same colour pallet of red, black and white, however by using different techniques that I’ve learned I’ve made it so my double page spread has a layout different to my other pages while also keeping the style of the other pages

Firstly on Photoshop I used the same tools the edit and cut my images so it could be place on my page but this time I used the zoom tool so I could go in further on the image to cut out even the smallest bit of unwanted background colour to overall make my image more smoother. In addition this time I created the background for my double page spread by using the shape tool and brush tool, with the shape tool I cover the whole page with a black rectangle and then with the brush tool went across diagonally on the page to make a red design on it, which became my background.

On Indesign I had my image largely placed on the centre of the double page spread and my text place on both sides next to it, so to make the layout of the page more smooth and better to look at used the pencil tool to draw an invisible shape around my image to wrap my text around so it looks like the paragraph is going down his arm, however what would have been better is that all the text that I used was wrapped around my image except for just one paragraph which could have been done by moving the paragraphs or making my star image smaller to make some of the paragraphs bigger.

These skills and techniques have helped me portray my rock genre and narrative through the editing of my images and layout, with these skills I have been able to keep these aspects of my magazine consistent. Through making the pages of my magazine this has helped me learn how to use each of the tools in both Photoshop and Indesign to perform various techniques to edit my images and text which overall makes my pages look better and improve the portrayal of my rock mise-en-scene, these are all skills and techniques that are very useful to me and that I will use when making future creations on both Photoshop and Indesign.

Design skills 1

Through the process of making my front covert and contents page for my magazine I have learned how to use multiple different tools and techniques on both photoshop and indesign.

These are the main tools that I use on photoshop to edit an image, normally I begin by taking the background of the image out with the quick selection tool and the eraser tool so I have a blank background so I could put my star in front of a background that’s more suited for my genre, being rock this could be a stone wall or an alley, however before I do that I use the adjustment tools and the spot healing brush tool to adjust the appearance of my star, this is normally getting rid of marks on their face and turning down their brightness.

After I’m finished photoshopping my image I export and place it in indesign to add it as part as on of my magazine pages. Above are all tools that I make use of in indesign. The main tools that I make use of are Are the type tool and the rectangle tool to get the basic text and shapes on my design. I then use the character side bar to adjust the text, where that’ll be font, size or colour and to adjust the shapes I made I use the top bar to change it;s colour ad borders and adjust it’s thickness. Doing all of this helps me create and show the mise-en-scene that I’m trying to go for in my magazine by changing the font, colour and shapes to to fit my mise-en-scene and overall feel to my magazine I’m aiming for.

During the making of my pages I believe that I showed a clear mise-en-scene through the layouts I create using indesign and through the edits I made to my stars in photoshop, to improve I can learn how change colours on better on photoshop like hair colour so it won’t look out of place and on indesign I could make use of other shapes and editing techniques to have more variety other than just rectangles. I have learnt how to make good use of each of these tools and skills through making my magazine pages and each time I find another tool or technique I can use to improve my layout and mise-en-scene. These tasks have helped me understand and make use of both indesign and photoshop and I will put these skills to use in future projects.

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

I have now planned what genre my magazine will be, who my cover star will be, what they will be wearing and how my photo shoot will be. From looking at past students work I know that the best shot for a cover star image is the medium shot for it will show enough of my star and and what they’re all about and will cover up a good portion of the page.

The mise-en-scene I will use is a big factor to how my magazine and star will be portrayed to my target audience. I plan to experiment with high key and low key lighting to see what will give me the best results but I mainly plan to use low key light to get that more dark feeling. For the costume I want it to stand out the my audience and have it clearly represent the rock genre but also be a bit casual to maybe let my audience relate to the star. So when It comes to the actual shoot for my music magazine “Omen” I will keep all of this factors in mind while also applying the skills I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

Through the work I have done I now know when making my own music magazine cover that every detail and addition put on it matters, this includes mise en scene, colour, placement how the pictures fit with the context and genre and if the text is relevant and readable. I’ve learnt how to do these actions through my previous work, for example I know how to use the rule of thirds to place where my pictures and text go to attract the audience, how To adjust the font of the text to make it stand out more to the reader and how to edit the pictures so they fit the page and stand out without it’s quality dropping. So when it comes to creating my own magazine cover these are all elements I will think about in the process of making it.