So… How can an image communicate meaning?

I’ve learnt how it is true that a picture says a thousand words and this is through the mise en scene, distances, angles, framing and many more aspects of a photo when it is taken. These aspects of an image can portray people, places, events and its meaning can be changed just by framing the shot or changing the lighting or the clothes that people wear, this use of mise en scene and camera techniques help images tell a story or help explain something for example, the use of the colour red could mean there is anger or something bad happens, framing the shot through a door could give a stealth feel or they’re hiding from something etc. This helps me when making my music magazine and other future products for when using images and taking pictures for I will use all these aspects to suit my products and help explain to the audience what my product is and what it’s about.

So…. Hello Media Studies!

Coming in to Media Studies I am reasonably confident with my media skills, I believe I know all the basics and more when it comes to technical skills like being able to use applications like photoshop, audacity and some video editing software, most of these skills I learned in my GCSE’s or just in my spare time. One specific technical skill I want to learn how to do is making animations, I have always been interested in it and want to learn how to use the software so I can make animations of my own.

My transferable skills aren’t as good as my technical skills and I hope at the end of the media course I will have a range of transferable skills to be able to use daily. Right now I have good organisation, punctuality, creativity and general knowledge all of these I use to apply to my productions to make sure they are made on time, efficiently and show who I am as a person.

At the end of the Media Studies course I expect to come out with better technical skills and to be more confident in my transferable skills. During Media Studies I would like to expand on my team-working and communication skills while participating in group productions while also expanding on my creativity and other aspects.

Finally I would like to learn how to properly use editing software in Media Studies to make my products even better, I would also if possible learn how to animate as well.

I am a media prosumer


For my collage I used wide range of media from of course ones I produce and consume but also ones that I use everyday like Youtube, Playstation and anime and some that I use but not very often like BBC news, Twitch and Facebook. I split all my media into four sections to show what I use them for, so for entertainment I use video games, anime and Youtube specifically certain Youtube channels however I also thought about how I don’t only use these media for one thing for example I also use Youtube as a source of information and I use video games for social interaction. For my personal identity I put that on what media I use everyday for that is what describes what I like and what media I use through my day to day life, so for that I put anime, video games and memes.

This collage will help my future media productions for it  influences how I will make it and what it will be, for example I am very interested in video games and anime so I would like to do something like animation or cartoons and for my magazine if I was able to I would likely make it about video games, for example I would aim for my target audience to be all kind of gamers so I will have to consider including games of all sort of genres in addition it can relate to their personal identity, and so they can use my magazine for their main hobby and specifically for entertainment and information.