My tour poster

Please click on the poster to see it more clearly

Originally the image of me that I used for my tour poster was from an earlier task where we did a photo shoot of a certain genre, mine being country and western and we created a contact sheet and blog post about the pictures mise en scene. I now used this picture for I though it was the most appropriate for my poster as it’s mise en scene accurately portrays the genre.

My copy of professional magazine front page

This is my mock copy of NME’s The Vaccines magazine cover, I’ve taken multiple similar pictures from the internet and copied the layout of the magazine to create an accurate copy of the original poster, I am happy for I believe that I successfully copied the layout and look of the magazine even with the satirical twist I put on it, I matched the colours and even manipulated my image to be black and white, I am most happy with how I choose a font that closely matches the one on the actual cover. However there are bad things with my cover, the picture of my 4 guys doesn’t cover the whole thing like like in the actual magazine and the background colour i used is just a plain gray and fills out most of the cover.


  • Accurate copy
  • Font
  • Colour


  • The main cover picture doesn’t cover the whole page
  • The layout is a bit off
  • The background colour is dull and fills most of the cover

These indesign tutorials will help me improve on my future magazine covers for they tell me how to work all the tools, work with the layers to properly and how exactly how to make a magazine cover. So for future indesign projects I can use these tutorials to help me improve and make them better.

Lick & stick mock up

Here we created a lick and stick mock up of the NME magazine cover, “The Vaccines”. This shows the conventional technical design of a magazine cover as we were able to label everything on the cover and duplicate it in our own mock up. As shown on our copy we labelled each part the magazine cover, making some bigger than others as on the cover they stand out more like the main cover line compared to the plugs and pugs. Doing this will help me when making my own magazine cover for it tells me how the conventional technical design works and how to use it, so when making my own cover I can use it to make my cover stand out and look appealing.

The camera talks

In this task I picked out nine pictures my group has taken and categorised then into groups of three, those groups being distance, angle and composition this is shown with each group being in a row. Then I added hashtags to give more meaning to the pictures I used and help explain what they are easier. This task has helped me for I know know how to take a good picture with different distances, angles and compositions and how I would use them in my magazine.

Technical camera terms

This is a contact sheet showing all the good, bad and ugly pictures my group took, these pictures are taken in multiple different angles, distances and compositions. Some of the pictures are from a far distance and others are really close up, for angles there are many high-angled shots and some canted shots and for compositions there were many filtered shots some through a chair, leaves and through stair rails. This helps me for I now know what a bad and ugly picture looks like, for example a couple of the pictures shown above have too much light exposure and the image can’t be seen, in addition others are too blurry leading to the same result. Therefore it helps me for I now know what a good picture looks like for when I include them in my magazine.

My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning.

In this task we looked at styling and costuming in appropriate mise en scene.










This picture of me in a western/country look. My class put adjectives on me to describe what and how I was represented. When it comes to the actual photo shoot I’m going to go for the rough, outlaw and free look for I believe that is the best description of a country artist.


Here we took various different pictures of a western/country artist to so see what mise en scene they and and take inspiration from them in our final product.


In the photo shoot we took a lot of various different pictures with a three point lighting system, out of these pictures some were good, some were bad and the others were ugly.


Out of all the pictures I chose this one for I portrayed the mise en scene that I believe country/western artists portray and what I was aiming for. This picture has majorly high key light and I’m sitting down which shows that I’m relaxed, calm, cool but the posture shows I’m boisterous and manly.

Print media that communicates meaning.

The Gorrilaz album poster I chose to analyse helped me see that every little detail on an album poster can mean something. Firstly I would look for the denotations which is all the colour, font, costume and in this case the characters themselves, then I would decode them for their connotations to find out the meaning of them and why it’s on the poster. For example the dull black and white colouring makes the band characters stand out. This task will help me when creating my magazine cover for it will influence the reasons for all the pictures and colour I put on it so everything has a meaning for being on my magazine cover.

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