Production Skills Evaluation 1

Above are screenshots from premiere pro of my editing in my music video, here it shows the process of my editing showing the use of multiple tools and techniques in my edit. As shown in the editing window it shows four clips of which I have editing each showing I have used tools such as the snipping tool in order to have the clip go down to the length that I wanted it to and in order to sync with the audio file that is shown below the clips. in addition I have implemented visual effects on the the clips such as colour correction and transition shots making them more appealing. These tools and techniques are ones that I already knew how to use but through using them in my music video I have learnt new ways to improve on them and how I can use them to suit the alternative rock style of my music video.

What went well:

  • I was able to make use of multiple tools that premiere has in order to edit my clips.
  • I familiarised myself with colour effects which before I did not know much on how to use.
  • I was able to edit my clips to be in sync with my audio.

Even better if:

  • I made use of more effects such as transitions and colour effects making my clips look better.
  • Use the layers to add more effects allowing me to use multiple clips at once, adjustment layers and filters.

Feedback from teacher

Use more performance footage to add more dynamic, have it so it becomes more fast paced and energetic. For narrative maybe mise-en-scene isn’t very good and some more close-up shots may need to be applied to help show our characters emotion, make sure that the message of the video is presented more clearly, the narrative is too simplistic so expanding the story through shots and visual metaphors may help and maybe experiment with a comic book style. Even so there shots that are good in both performance ans narrative and it is nice first draft.


  • Re-shoot some shots for better quality in focus, mise-en-scene and storytelling.
  • Edit the performance to be more fast paced and energetic.
  • Use effects to give the video a style or theme maybe like a comic book.
  • Build on the conflict between the protagonist and bully to be more dramatic.
  • Expand on the narrative, possibly make it more edgy to give it more weight.
  • Add more complexity with close-ups and confrontation shots.
  • Edit some shots to be more in sync with the music.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Here is the second draft of our music video which now implements the narrative footage along side the performance. With this we managed to apply both sections of the music video successfully with fairly good music sync to the action and performance and narrative that makes some sense as it goes along in the music video with good quality shots that go well with each other. Although it is only a draft to see how our narrative footage works with our performance I am relatively happy with the outcome but I can clearly see the improvements that can be made in the upcoming drafts.

Targets for next draft:

  • Implement more effects and editing techniques
  • Try and use colour correction to make each shot look best
  • Add filters to add emphasis in some scenes
  • Maybe re-shoot certain shots for better results in quality and mise-en-scene.

Shoot evaluation (Narrative)

Although my narrative shoot was cut shorter than I would have liked it to be due to time arrangements with my actors, we still managed to get all the the main shoots that we needed that were planned on our storyboard and even extra useful shots that we are able to use in our actual edit. Overall I am happy with the shoot because of the amount of shots I was able to get however I would’ve have liked to get more, specifically close ups and shots that add meaning as they would have helped propel my narrative forward. In addition some of the shots could have been better if they were shot more than once giving us more options of what we could use when editing and although I like the shots we have as they are good quality, shooting again to get certain shoots would greatly help to improve our narrative.

What went well:

  • We acquired enough good quality shots that we are able to implement into our product.
  • The actors performed very well giving us good performances in shots allowing us to go on to other shots without staying on one for a long time.
  • Although for half of the shoot we didn’t have all the equipment we needed we were still able to get good shots that will be used in the music video.

Targets for another shoot:

  • Make sure that everything is ready for the shoot so that all the equipment is ready, times actors can be there etc so we can make the most of the shoot.
  • Shoot every shot more than once so if one of them may not be as good as expected there would always be a backup shot we can go to in the edit.
  • Get shots from a variety of angles, when doing on shot get the same shot but in close up, mid shot, from the side etc, maximising the amount of shots we can get while also having more freedom in the edit.


Risk Assessment

Here is our risk assessment for our narrative shoot, this is to show that we have clearly assessed the possible risks that can occur or be present at the location we are filming at, on this sheet we have where we will be, who will be there and how we can control each risk that is stated making sure that the shoot is a safe as possible.

Narrative development

This is a three point structure for the narrative section of our music video, here we have descriptions of each part of the narrative beginning, middle and end each including the ideas and themes explored in each section, how the story would be progressed in that section and what will we see to show what is happening.

In the beginning we already have a disequilibrium  as our character is shown to be depressed and alone or it could be implied this is the equilibrium for our character for this is everyday life for him, in the middle things worsen as others come in only to bully/attack him, this makes his mental state worsen which will be shown with camera angles and lighting, Finally in the end as it is about to reach its climax our character is “saved” by the star this helps our character which is shown by colour getting light and the camera angles calming down, throughout the whole narrative there will be mise-en-scene shots that will be visual metaphors that reflect our characters mind.

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is our performance draft for our music video. Here we have collated multiple shots from our performance shoot and made a very rough draft of a music video using that footage, this is done to show that we have multiple usable shots from our shoot that are good enough be included in our final product.

Although I feel the shot was moderately successful and the edit above shows this, there are improvements that can be made, this consists of acquiring a more variety of shots with good quality, this would greatly help us as it would give us more options and creative freedom when it comes to editing and although the shots we have are good I believe we need some extra shots to make the would thing great.

Targets for improvement:

  • Improve the quality of some of our shoots.
  • Obtain more shots or our front-man and guitarist.
  • Make use more of the lighting for better shots.
  • Keep camera on tripod/ attempt to keep it still the majority of the time.
  • Acquire shots with different angles and framing techniques.

Shoot reflection (performance)

Overall I believe that that shot mas moderately successful, we managed to acquire the variety of shots we were aiming for in the drama studio with an additional extra shots that we would be able to include in our edit. In addition the performers we had did their jobs very well, each of them acting their best showing full commitment to the process, producing good results in good looking drumming, guitar playing and lip syncing. However there are improvements that can be made as some shots are unusable in our edit, this is in result of them being blurry, shaky, not long enough or just unsatisfactory, because of this I would not mind doing a second shoot as that would help us correct mistakes from the first shoot and obtain more creative shoots for us to use.


  • Improve the quality of some of our shoots.
  • Obtain more shots or our front-man and guitarist.
  • Make use more of the lighting for better shots.
  • Keep camera on tripod/ attempt to keep it still the majority of the time.
  • Acquire shots with different angles and framing techniques.

Star image planning

Here is a moodboard that consists of pictures representing the star image of the stars from our chosen genre alternative rock. Here we have gathered pictures, tweets, etc to show how stars in this genre are stereotypically represented. So for example we have pictures of both 3 and 4 man bands that convey the generic structure of an alternative rock band and in each picture they are wearing more casual and informal clothing making their image more relatable and down to earth. To add on to this the tweets are used to show how they are in their everyday like and how they are laid back, chill and just like everyone else. All of the points we have made and added to our moodboard are conventions that are considered blueprints of our genre, to satisfy our audience. This is what they find interesting and aesthetically pleasing so they must be included.  A bunch laid back, fun yet relatable individuals