Evaluation of web design application

The creation of our website was used the the online application Wix. The website itself helped me learn about various aspects of web design as it provided us with a multitude of features that we could add to our website, allowing me to make our website more interactive with add-ons that I didn’t consider before using the application. These include tour dates, implementing sliders for general information and a reel of past album covers.

We found that making the website very interactive was important in luring in our audience, as where almost anything you clicked took you somewhere means there would be more interactivity and time spent in the our brand. This includes the implementation of making an account, the navigation bar, social media links at both the top and bottom of each page. This is useful as it would attract the audience to look at other media involving our band such as their social media pages.

The shop page is extremely key to the design of the webpage as it appeals to to the audience for their personal identity as a fan and their social interaction allowing them to communicate with other fans as well with the merchandise. It is a design technique that can branch out beyond the website that attracts people to go on the website for the merch but then also stay for the rest.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

The production of our digipak gave me then opportunity to experiment with many different tools and effects on Photoshop, and as shown above I have implemented these new ideas in order to create a disintegration effect for the inside left of my digipak.

In order to achieve this effect the primary tool that I used was the brush tool which in fact is a tool I rarely use, with the brush tool to get the exact kind of brush I wanted to achieve the effect I had to adjust the brushes shape dynamics and scattering while also constantly changing the size of the brush while using it.

In addition to using features of the brush tool that In wasn’t familiar with before I also used layer tools that were new to me, for example I copied the same layer twice in result having three of the same picture while also adding a layer mask to two of them. For the middle layer I made it content aware so the picture would blend in with its background, and on the top layer I liquefied the image to stretch it out to the other end so when I used the brush the disintegration effect would be created.

What went well:

  • The effect was achieved in my image, providing the disintegration effect adding the theme of fading away or possibly destruction being present.
  • The gradient filter suits the effect well adding conventional rock genre colour effects that emphasise the reds and black.

Even better if:

  • More adjustments were made on the brush tool to make the effect look better, the brush could have been more sharp looking to suit the rock genre more.
  • blended the effect with the image more to look smoother, having the effect fully integrated into the image to make it look higher quality.

Feedback on mock up and targets

With my digipack mock up I went around with a list of genres and adjectives and asked people which genre they think it most resembles and which adjective describes it best. The options for genre were punk, indie, alternative rock, heavy metal and pop in which most people thought that it was either punk or alternative rock both, this is helpful as it shows us that our genre is recognizable within our product but it can be mixed up with other genres that have similar aspects easily, therefore in the actual product we will have to add more conventional alternative rock themes so that it would be more clearly identifiable.

On the other hand with the adjectives we had heavy, playful, chill, edgy and grungy in which almost everybody choose grungy to describe my digipak. This is very good as a grungy feel is part of what we were going for as it is an aspect within the alternative rock genre so this the tells us that grungy themes do persists in our product and that they are easily identifiable. Therefore this tells us that in our final product the design style that we are going for is on the right track and only minor changes need to be made.


  • Add more conventional alternative rock themes.
  • Stick with the grungy design style.
  • Improve on mise-en-scene, maybe change up the costume and add props to establish genre.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

One of the new main skills that I learned was how to use photoshop in order to add effects and filters in my video, this gave me a wider and more creative range of options than I did on premiere for I was able to add multiple filters making my video have more visual appeal and meaning through the filters I decided to add. This really helped propel the representation of our narrative giving it a more edgy vibe with the use a a special black and white filter.

On Premiere Lenny had taught us how to make use of adjustment layers, these are incredibly useful for instead of adding colour correction or effects to one clip at a time we can add an adjustment layer with those aspects on the layer above the sequence we want and it would put those effects to all of them at once, this made the editing process go much faster as we were able to do colour editing to multple clips all at once.

What went well:

  • The photoshop filter gave our narrative better mise-en-scene and representation of our narrative storyline.
  • Adjustment layers helped for fast and more efficient editing.
  • The overall colour of our video has improved and looks more fitting for our video.

Even better if:

  • Made use of more effects within the adjustment layer to add more visual effects in the video.
  • With the photoshop filters, tone them down a bit for in some shots visuals are obstructed by the filter.


Production Skills Evaluation 1

Above are screenshots from premiere pro of my editing in my music video, here it shows the process of my editing showing the use of multiple tools and techniques in my edit. As shown in the editing window it shows four clips of which I have editing each showing I have used tools such as the snipping tool in order to have the clip go down to the length that I wanted it to and in order to sync with the audio file that is shown below the clips. in addition I have implemented visual effects on the the clips such as colour correction and transition shots making them more appealing. These tools and techniques are ones that I already knew how to use but through using them in my music video I have learnt new ways to improve on them and how I can use them to suit the alternative rock style of my music video. For example a filter put over my narrative to make make it darker and black and white gives my narrative a more depressing feel where as the fast pace editing and focus on close up gives my star the image of importance and being energetic.

What went well:

  • I was able to make use of multiple tools that premiere has in order to edit my clips.
  • I familiarised myself with colour effects which before I did not know much on how to use.
  • I was able to edit my clips to be in sync with my audio.

Even better if:

  • I made use of more effects such as transitions and colour effects making my clips look better.
  • Use the layers to add more effects allowing me to use multiple clips at once, adjustment layers and filters.