Flow Chart and Preferred Template

 Here is the sitemap that my partner and I made, on this we have listed and mapped out the contents of a website page and formatted our flowchart so it goes along the lines of where that content would actually be placed on our webpage. We have applied each key component to our sitemap which includes, the splash page, the main pages and links to others and what content would appear on these pages while also establishing where they would be above or below the fold.

This task is useful for our website as it gives us a general idea of how to layout our website with what components to put of it, where and what content would be on it, when producing our actual webpage I will refer back to this as a guide.



Website Terminology

Here is a bands web page that I have looked at applying website terminology in order to identify how they have designed their website out to advertise the band in question (Mcfly). On this web page I have identified five features including one fold, navigation, leaderboard, hero shot and a banner ad, each of which are all used in order to advertise the band to have you buy their merchandise of listen to their music. It is obvious to identify this websites call to action and it being having the audience to participate with the band, this is done with links to their social media and their online shops to buy their music and merchandise.

This task was useful as it taught me website terminology and what they meant that I didn’t know prior to doing this, this will be useful to my group when creating our own website as we now know how to properly lay out a website in order to advertise our band and draw in our audience to participate more efficiently.