Feedback from Teacher

Above is the screen castify from our teacher. This is a really useful tool as it allows us to get in depth feedback about every part of our video in lots of detail allowing us to make specific changes to improve.

Summary of Feedback:

  • Introduce the band earlier at the beginning of the video to add an element of fan excitement of seeing their idols straight away and to show who they are and what they are doing.
  • Make contact with the singer straight away at the beginning of the video. A close up shot would be good to make it personal with the singer.
  • Add more pace into the performance parts of the video to add more variety to the video.
  • Possibly put the feet walking shot at the beginning of the video where the singer is walking away from the camera so it doesn’t look so random at the beginning.
  • Check the clips of me taking off the braces to ensure I take both of them off and not the same one off twice.
  • More shots of the singer running his hand over the metal hand railings in the narrative shoot.
  • Check that shots are in focus otherwise it ruin the visual effect.
  • More close ups of me putting paint on my face nearing the end of the video.
  • In the performance part of the shoot (4:20 in the screen castify) possibly flick between clips every time the singer flicks his hand out which will make it look more dramatic and adds more tension which would be good for our theme.
  • Add filters and colour correction to darken some clips to make them seem darker and more mysterious which would be in keeping with the theme.
  • Include more fish bowl clips as it is a really interesting part of the narrative and adding more clips would add more importance on it.

How we will use this advice:


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