Music Video Draft 4

What’s Changed:

  • The main effect that has changed from this draft to the last one is that we have added in a crop effect that has allowed us to split the screen down the middle and show two different scenes. We used this to show two instruments being played at the same time which allowed us more time in the video to put other scene rather than having to put two instrumentals back to back which may come across as boring to the audience.
  • We introduced the band earlier in the video as people watch the video to see there favorite band meaning it was important to introduce them earlier to keep the viewers watching the video and not getting bored and clicking off it.
  • We cut down the number of narrative clips to make the story line in the video less complicated and easier to follow. We replaced these with performance clips which follows my previous point about including more shots of the band as that is who fans want to see.

Audience Comments:

  • Some of the narrative is difficult to understand and follow which ruins the story you are trying to tell throughout the video.
  • You used a really nice range of edits and effects throughout the video which really help gel narrative and performance scenes together.
  • Some of your shots seem off center or out of focus which would ruin the professionalism of the video.
  • The end of the video looks strange because the singer leaves the microphone but doesn’t actually go anywhere.

Targets For Improvement:

  • Switch out some of our narrative clips for performance ones. By keeping less narrative we would hope to clear any uncertainty about what is happening in the video allowing a clear story and message to be communicated.
  • Make sure that all of our shots are centered, unless they are suppose to be off center and also check that all clips are in focus and clear what is happening in them.
  • Due to the fact that we received feedback saying the end he clip was strange and unclear, we could show the main singer leaving the stage completely or not have him leaving at all and just fade the video out.


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