Digipak Draft 3

Front Pane

Inside Panes

Back Pane

Below are two separate tally’s, the first is a test to see if we achieved the genre we were aiming to portray through the digipak. There were five different genres to choose from. The second tally is a show of ten people asked to name adjectives that fit in with the digipak to see the kind of vibe that we were communicating to the audience.

Overall, I think that the people we asked to review our work were getting the kind of genre and vibe we wanted to get across. Stuart Hall’s theory of preferred reading comes into context here as our audience viewed our media in the way we wanted them to meaning we were successful in what we were trying to convey. For example, Indie rock/pop was the most popular genre option and the adjective that the people chose are all things that link to this genre.

Before the final draft:

Before we submit the final digipak draft there are some minor changes we want to make. These include editing the two middle panes to make sure they fit the genre as well as link to the nature theme in the music video. We also want to sharpen up some of the features on the front pane and change the style and size of our text a bit more. We also need to finish our spines as they are incomplete and would ruin the aesthetic of the piece if they were not completed.

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