Website Draft 2

Below is the screencastify for the second draft of our website. This draft has been much improved from the first and communicates our brand and genre much more effectively than our first one did.

Targets to Improve:

  • Put our own album covers on the home page as well as the album cover for our digipak.
  • Put a link in to a gallery full of images of the band ‘out and about’.
  • Have a link to page where you get tickets from to see the bands shows.
  • Make our own venues instead of page just saying ‘venue’
  • Put in music video and digipak.
  • Put in section of band news and gossip section.

Production Skills 4

The website developing programme that we chose to create our indie rock band website is called Wix. It was a great system which provided us with the basis of our website creation. It was very easy to use and took us step by step on how we would create or website allowing use to pick themes and the general set up of our website which would be best suited to our genre. While using Wix, I learnt a wide variety of skills, these include:

  • One of the most useful skills that I learnt how to use while working on our website was the section design tool. This allowed us to pick the design we wanted sections of the website to look like. This meant we could really focus in on making each section very genre and brand specific and allowed us to communicate our narrative ideas we had had in our digipak and music video through the website as well.

  • Another really useful tool that ended up saving us valuable time while creating our website was the manage apps tool. This allowed us to switch between pages very easily and quickly and definitely saved us a lot of valuable time that we could spend on other things while completing the website.

  • The final part of the Wix set up that really helped us set up our website was having the ability to create merchandise products like clothing, mugs, aprons etc… and be able to import them straight into the correct section on the website. This feature made our job of making our website look as professional as possible far easier as we could include all the feature that other bands have on their websites on ours as well. Merchandise, as well as its obvious purpose to make money for the band has a series of promotional purposes too. These include its ability to booster star image by getting our brand out into the public eye and not just the people who look at the website. We hope people will like what they see and in tern come to visit our website to look at the band or buy there own merchandise. It also promotes the bands personal identity as the merchandise has the bands logo on it. It shows the public who the band are and what there values are and how they are defined as a band.


Audience Interaction with a website

This is a screencastify analyzing Blossoms (who is our chosen group) website. This will help us understand how an audience member might interact with the website. We used AIDA which stands for attraction, interest, desire and call to action as well as Blumler and Katz personal identity, social interaction, information and entertainment. We examined the typical conventions that we could see on the website that are suppose to be on an indie rock website which will help us know what we need to put on our own.