Production Skills 4

The website developing programme that we chose to create our indie rock band website is called Wix. It was a great system which provided us with the basis of our website creation. It was very easy to use and took us step by step on how we would create or website allowing use to pick themes and the general set up of our website which would be best suited to our genre. While using Wix, I learnt a wide variety of skills, these include:

  • One of the most useful skills that I learnt how to use while working on our website was the section design tool. This allowed us to pick the design we wanted sections of the website to look like. This meant we could really focus in on making each section very genre and brand specific and allowed us to communicate our narrative ideas we had had in our digipak and music video through the website as well.

  • Another really useful tool that ended up saving us valuable time while creating our website was the manage apps tool. This allowed us to switch between pages very easily and quickly and definitely saved us a lot of valuable time that we could spend on other things while completing the website.

  • The final part of the Wix set up that really helped us set up our website was having the ability to create merchandise products like clothing, mugs, aprons etc… and be able to import them straight into the correct section on the website. This feature made our job of making our website look as professional as possible far easier as we could include all the feature that other bands have on their websites on ours as well. Merchandise, as well as its obvious purpose to make money for the band has a series of promotional purposes too. These include its ability to booster star image by getting our brand out into the public eye and not just the people who look at the website. We hope people will like what they see and in tern come to visit our website to look at the band or buy there own merchandise. It also promotes the bands personal identity as the merchandise has the bands logo on it. It shows the public who the band are and what there values are and how they are defined as a band.


Production Skills Evaluation 3

Due to the fact that we have begun work on a completely new piece of digital media in our digipaks, it is very important for me to review all the new skills I have learnt to ensure I keep progressing as a creator.

One of the first tools I learnt how to use was the theme tool on photoshop. This came in really useful while I was creating one of the inside panes for our digipak as it allowed me to take the picture of a white flower that we had taken on shoot and manipulate it to fit in along with our narrative. I went through a wide variety of themes but eventually chose one called ‘water colour’ as it darkened the image while giving it a not so clear cut look which I really liked.

Another pair of tools that was really useful while creating this pane was the ‘burn’ and ‘dodge’ tools. These tools work similarly to a brush tool but change the colour of your design either lighter or darker depending how many times your go over them. I used this tool to lighten up the top of the image and darken the bottom to get the desired fade effect I was looking for as I felt this really suited the being free to being trapped part of our narrative.

The last tool that I found really useful was the colour adjustment tool on photoshop, especially when I designed our other inside pane with an image of a pair of sunglasses. I used the quick selection tool to select only one of the lenses on the glasses and then used the colour adjustment tool to change the lenses colour to red. I only did this on one of the lenses as I thought it look edgier and stuck with our themes as well as looking like it belonged with the front and back pane.

The skills I have learned not only will help with the aesthetic of my products but will also help convey meaning. For example, the tricks I have used have helped when try to communicate star image to the audience. They have done this by allowing me to manipulate images to fit in with the narrative we are trying to tell as well as trying to make the cover star look extraordinary. The reason for this is to make him look ‘different’ and more ‘special’ than ordinary people which gives the audience giving them a reason to look at and buy the digipak.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

I have learnt numerous new editing techniques while producing this video. Above are some examples of these techniques and how I used them in the video. Some of the new editing effects I learned how to use include:

  • Mask Path – We used this effect on one of the earlier fish bowl clips. It gave the illusion of the water moving but in a quite unrealistic way for a fish bowl. We aimed for this to match the mysterious theme throughout the video and I think it match this well.
  • Warp Stabilizer – This tool was essential to our video. Due to the fact we filmed our narrative on a windy day on top of a castle the camera did move in some of our clips which would have ruined the video if we’d put them in like that. However my group learnt how to use the warp stabilizer function which help stabilize the footage and prevented the clips from moving allowing the star to stay in frame and focus which improved our footage quality dramatically.
  • The top picture above is a prime example of the replicate function. We used it in the part of the video where the three band members nod their head on the beat and the singer stared straight at the camera. However we repeated this clip four times and looked boring by the end as it looked like nothing had changed. This led us to use the replicate functions as it mean we could split the screen into four, then nine, then sixteen after showing the clip originally once which gave the impression of changing the setting but also allowed us to keep the repetition in the video which we really liked.

What went well:

  • I feel like our added edits fit in with the theme and genre of the video really well. We were determined not to make any of the clips look forced in the video and I don’t think we we did this in any of the clips which is good.
  • Adding the warp stabilizer allowed us to fade clips into one another without any unwanted camera movement which would have ruined the flow from one clip to another as it would have broken it up and ruined it.

Even better if:

  • We had been able to sync up more narrative clips with the performance, even with the new effects such as warp stabilizer to use, the clips were still not of a high enough quality to use in the video and would have ruined it’s professionalism.
  • Nesting our clips took a lot of time and while the clips were nesting we couldn’t make any edits which led to lots of time spent sitting watch the clips nest instead of making progress with the video making it a very time consuming process. However, this had to be done to get the most out of the clips. We had the same problem with rendering the video which could take up to 15 minutes where we couldn’t do any editing.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Above are some images taken from premiere pro evidencing our editing process. This software was really useful as it allowed us to move around and specifically add effects to certain clips making the process as simple as it possibly could be.

Some of the skills I learned include:

  • Video only button  -This button is located underneath the clip that you are trying to take a clip from. It has been a really useful tool to know how to use as it has allowed me to put to clip into the edit without the audio. This means that there is not unwanted sound in the final edit as we played our instruments in the recording to make it look as authentic as possible. However this wasn’t always in time to the music video so would ruin the video if it was left in. This would improve viewer enjoyment for the audience due to a better audio quality.
  • Layering the clips – The first clip we put in was the song audio. After this we put in the entire performance clip. Above this is snip its from other clips that compile together to make the rest of the video narrative and extra parts of the performance. The clip on the top layer will play first meaning it was easy to layer the clips in a layout which meant we weren’t deleting pre-existing clips every time we wanted something else to play in its place. We just put the new clip above the old one. This made it easier to stay on topic with our genre as we could constantly flick between narrative and performance but keep the video clips on separate lines to keep it clear and easier to work with.
  •  Razor Tool – The razor tool is critically important when it comes to editing. It allowed me to put a clip into the main edit and then cut it to exactly the right size to fit in with the surrounding clips or beat of the song without having to delete it and start cutting the same clip above again which would not be time efficient. This meant that when we came to add in narrative clips over performance we could add in a clip with a rough idea of how long it would be and if it ran over or was too short, we could use the razor tool to cut or stretch it to exactly the right length.
  • Warp Stabilizer – This tool is easy to use and helps get rid of any unwanted camera movement or shakiness. This makes the clip look much higher quality and makes the images flow without any shakiness which put the image out of focus. This would improve viewer enjoyment and interaction as it made the clips stay in focus and not shake making the stroy easier to follow along without any guess work on what we were trying to portray.

What went well:

  • I think we used used effects in the video really well as they kept in theme with the mes-en-scene and genre of the indie-rock song. These also helped to camouflage clips that weren’t of the highest quality, for example, were out of focus.
  • We kept a clear representation between performance and narrative which helped keep the theme of the narrative separate from our performance. We didn’t want them to mound into one as this would ruin the clarity in the video.

Even Better if:

  • We need to include more clips of the fish bowl in the video. It has a strong meaning as it is suppose to represent what is happening to the star in the main sections of narrative when he is wondering around the castle. Dropping in more fish bowl clips will help reinforce is purpose as at the moment it is not clear enough why it is there.
  • We need to review the video to ensure all of our clips are in focus. Some of these are in the performance in a dark back lite room so look fine, however under closer evaluation they are blurred which ruins the atmosphere we are trying to create through subtle details that cannot be seen in the blurred frame.