Digipak Draft 3

Front Pane

Inside Panes

Back Pane

Below are two separate tally’s, the first is a test to see if we achieved the genre we were aiming to portray through the digipak. There were five different genres to choose from. The second tally is a show of ten people asked to name adjectives that fit in with the digipak to see the kind of vibe that we were communicating to the audience.

Overall, I think that the people we asked to review our work were getting the kind of genre and vibe we wanted to get across. Stuart Hall’s theory of preferred reading comes into context here as our audience viewed our media in the way we wanted them to meaning we were successful in what we were trying to convey. For example, Indie rock/pop was the most popular genre option and the adjective that the people chose are all things that link to this genre.

Before the final draft:

Before we submit the final digipak draft there are some minor changes we want to make. These include editing the two middle panes to make sure they fit the genre as well as link to the nature theme in the music video. We also want to sharpen up some of the features on the front pane and change the style and size of our text a bit more. We also need to finish our spines as they are incomplete and would ruin the aesthetic of the piece if they were not completed.

Digipak Draft 2 – What has changed?

Front Pane

Left inside Pane

Right inside Pane

Back Pane

Above are our four panes for our digipak. The front and back pane haven’t really changed since draft one, but we do have two brand new middle panes. However, we have not edited these on photoshop very much so they are still the basic pictures we took on shoot with no effects added to them.

Targets to improve:

  • Make front pane background more warped or liquefied so it doesn’t look like a mistake.
  • Put singers name on front pane so audience know who its about.
  • Choose another photo where singer is looking at audience making him look more engaged.
  • Cut out tree on back pane as it makes a good border.
  • Get rid of song timings on back pane.
  • Put an affect on the glasses on the inside pane like a reflection of ‘504’ of change there colour or put an affect on the image to make them look more like a point of interest like they are on the front pane.
  • Change inside left cover of flower to make it look more intriguing and less like something that has no relevance or meaning on the page.
  • Try to get rid of the creases on the model shirt on the front pane.
  • Put ‘504’ on the alarm clock as it is not clear or visible enough in the photo.
  • Get rid of the lead space on the front pane, possibly flip the image so he does not look so far to the right hand side of the image.
  • Make all the images sharper and clearer.

Evaluation of Shoot

Above are two pictures, the first shows one of the images we wish we had removed the model from so we could capture the scenery. The second shows a nice picture which was too overexposed so we couldn’t use it in the end.

We have just completed our first shoot for our digipak. Overall, I think the shoot went really well with only some minor issues along the way. We were based in an open garden with plenty of trees surrounding a large lake. We chose this setting as we wanted to bring a sense of nature into our digipak as we had shot the narrative to our music video outdoor so wanted to maintain a strong link.

What Went Well:

  • We took lots and lots of photos to ensure that we would not have to waste valuable time doing are-shoot when we could be editing our digipak later down the line. For this reason we did not take just any shots but instead chose to take a wide range of shots including close ups, mid shots, long shots and high and low angle shots to name a few. We hope that this diverse range of shots will give us plenty of choice for our digipak.
  • As I mentioned earlier we wanted to incorporate nature into our digipak as it had had such a large role in our music video. Our location was perfect for this with lots of place to take shots with great scenery backing them up.

Even Better If:

  • Due to the fact that we were shooting outside on a sunny day this was a given, we did suffer from some of our photos being completely overexposed by the bright sunlight which made them completely unusable. Luckily we took enough photos that this didn’t become a problem later down the line.
  • Reflecting on our choice of location, it was very unconventional for an indie rock photo shoot. Although the lake lead to some great pictures and kept the link between the music video and digital strong, it may look quite random to some audience members who are new to the band and don’t quite understand the concept.

Improvements for next time:

  • If I were to re-do this shoot there would definitely be some things I would change. I would check the photos after more regularly while at the site of the shoot to check there quality and exposure so that we don’t run in to the same problem as this time and realise to late when we were back at school. By checking regularly I would have realised they were overexposed while on shoot and could have re-taken them.
  • I would also have take more shots of the scenery without the model present in the photos as this would have come in really handy especially for the inside panes as we could have kept the nature theme going without having to try and crop him out as we didn’t want him to be on all four panes as they would have looked to similar.

Digipak Draft 1

Above is draft 1 of our digipak front and back pane. I really like what they look like so far however I do feel that the background, especially on the front pane, draws attention from the model who is suppose to be the main point of interest on the page as he communicates the mes-en-scene. We may try cutting out the background altogether and create our own one with plain block colours instead of the mix up of greens and whites which are hard on the eyes.


Contact Sheet

Here are all off the images from our digipak photo shoot. Overall the shoot went well and I feel the mes-en-scene really fitted our genre well. Some of the photos came out really well and others were quite dark or light which means they were under or overexposed which is something we will work on for next time.

Photoshoot/Design Production meeting agenda and risk assessment

Above is the production meeting agenda and risk assessment for our digipak photo shoot. These are critically important to complete as they ensure that the shoot is organised in full before we get there making sure that we don’t waste any time while we were at the venue. Completing the risk assessment means that we had considered all the risks that we could come across while on the property and minimise them as best we could.

Digipak Collage and Hand Drawn mock up

Front of Digipak

Back of Digipak

The top image is of a collage we created as inspiration for our digipak. Nature has a strong theme in this collage with the small trees, vine and green colours. This is because nature is a theme we really want to incorporate into our digipak as it is quite unconventional for the indie rock genre and something that will hopeful look new and fun to the fans. However, we did need to keep some conventional themes throughout the digipak which is why our font inspiration is simple and bold. This is to make it easy to read around the nature picture as well as it needing to draw attention to ensure that indie rock fans knew it was an indie band after seeing the unconventional image. We also incorporated bright colours into our collage as they are necessary to draw attention away from other products and on to our own which is critical to maximize sales.

The second two images are the front and back of the digipak. Our main idea is to base the image around a tree with a really random and interesting shape. The model will then lye, sit and stand on different parts of the tree until we find the best picture to fit on the digipak. The quirkiness of the tree is the conventional part of indie rock genre and then the natural tree is the unconventional part that will hopefully grab fans attension as it is something they wouldn’t have seen before. We hope the back of the digipak will be based around nature as well, like a vine of part of the garden we shot in.


Digipak Moodboards

This is my padlet digipak mood board. It combines all the things I have found online that I like about the indie rock genre. It includes colours I like, mese-en-scene, typefaces and interesting illustrations and graphics that I would like to incorporate into my digipak when I come to make it. I have also examined what is conventional for this genre and what isn’t. This shows what works and what looks effective and how unconventional you can be.

Made with Padlet

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Above is my analysis of the album ‘Blossoms’ by Blossoms (the band). This has really helped me to think about the make up and creation of a CD of this genre as it is very similar to the one I will need to make is the future. I have included my thoughts about font, colours, the use of the camera, lighting and what is conventional on a CD case and how these all add up to make an attractive looking album cover that communicates to and attracts the right audience for this Indie Rock genre.