On this post I will be talking about new skills I have learnt and how I used them in my music video:

Here I have used the cutting tool to chop up a long clip and take out a few seconds at different intervals. This gives the clip the effect that it is jumping forwards. This was important for a few of our clips as it makes a long boring shot into a shorter more engaging clip. This also helps keep the pace of the video up which is important when making a video for a rock music video. Using this technique engages the viewer more in the faster sections of the song as their attention is drawn and they might pay more attention to the video.

On this screenshot, you can see that I have used markers to mark the beat which helped me sync up the clips to the audio. This enabled me to edit on-time more efficiently and easily and helped me stay in time with the edit. This is very important throughout the video as making the cuts on time keeps the pace of the music which makes the video match up and work better with the music. Using these markers made editing the fast-paced jump shots like at the end of the video a lot easier.

This screenshot shows how we added an effect over most of our clips to give them more of an old-school style.  This also shows the effects panel where we could edit how much grain there is and other useful effects to make our video seem older than it is. Using these effects is important for our genre because a lot of the videos in this genre use VHS cameras or heavily edit their videos in a similar fashion. This was also very important for the feel of the video as we wanted to make it look like a home video as the star image of the band is very casual and unprofessional.