These are screenshots of premier pro to display what we have learnt:

This screenshot is of the effects that we learnt how to add over the past couple of weeks. This screenshot shows the effects that we used and combined to get the end result which you can see in our video. These effects helped us convey the idea that the narrative is more of a home video than a music video as it makes the camera quality look older.

This screenshot is of the effects panel where we could edit the effects and make them more prominent or make them more subtle. This effects panel also allows us to mix effects and make the effect we are wanting. This was very useful to know how to use as it enabled us to adjust the effects to exactly what we wanted which also made the video look better as some sections had a very strong filter on them. Overdoing or underdoing the effect would change the video a lot and could stop people from seeing it as a home-video style music video so it was important for us to try and get this right.

This is a screenshot of the timeline at the bottom of the premiere pro. This shows how we have arranged our effects as we have 2 effects which we swap between throughout the video so we decided to place them on two different layers so that we know which one is which on the screen. This made editing our video a lot easier as we could easily see where which effect is active. This editing technique helped to make problems stand out and made it easier for us to edit any mistakes with the filter.