Evaluation of our narrative shoot:

Our shoot went very well and we managed to get a lot of shots which are very important to fill out the video. W have most of the shots that we wanted and we have all the shots we should need. Some of the shots are very shaky as we tried to do a lot of it handheld as it was meant to be more of a home video of us recording ourselves rather than a music video. Some of the shakiness of the shots is actually quite good for the video as it makes it seem less professional which is what we were aiming for. On some of the shaky shots that we want to stabilize we can do this in post as we can use the warp stabilize tool.  Overall I believe we managed to achieve the home video look very well. The footage will also look better once we have edited it and put a filter over it and warp stabilized some of it.


  • We recorded a lot of clips that we can use
  • Most clips look very authentic
  • Wide variety of activities and locations in the clips
  • The setting is very fitting to the surf/ punk genre


  • A lot of shots are shaky
  • Some shots out of focus
  • Weather was not ideal