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What’s changed:

  • The most obvious change in our video is that we have now added filters to most of the clips throughout the video
  • We added a small intro section which adds to the home video feeling that we are going for
  • We have changed some of the lip syncing issues throughout the video
  • Fixed some of the timing issues with the guitar


These are screenshots of premier pro to display what we have learnt:

This screen shot is of the effects that we learnt how to add over the past couple of weeks. This screenshot shows the effects that we used and combined to get the end result which you can see in our video.

This screen shot is of the effects panel where we could edit the effects and make them more prominent or make them more subtle. This effects panel also allows us to mix effects and make the effect we are wanting.

This is a screen shot of the timeline at the bottom of premier pro. This shows how we have arranged our effects as we have 2 effects which we swap between throughout the video so we decided to place them on two different layers so that we know which one is which on the screen.



Self assessment:

This  draft of our video is a better representation of what type of vibe we wanted to convey through the video as we now have the narrative. The narrative is good in this as it fits well with the music and shows exactly what we wanted to show as we wanted to simply show friends having fun in the summer. There are a few problems with the video as the weather for the narrative shot was not amazing which is something that we could not change but was slightly frustrating. There are also some editing problems as we added some filters at the beginning of the video but we did not add them into the end of the video as we were mostly focused on getting our first full draft ready. The filters give us a good idea of what the video should look like in the end product. There are also some parts that are out of time which we need to change and maybe find new clips for as the actual singing or playing was out of time.

Targets for improvement:

  • We could do with some more performance clips as some of them are not in time and some parts of the video need more performance
  • We could also do with getting some shots of the weather being better as this fits our video better
  • We also need to pick one or two filters and use them throughout the video to make video look the way we want it to
  • Some sections of the video have repetitive shots which we could do with changing as it makes the video more boring
  • Some clips are also blurry so we will need to take them out of the video and replace them.




We made this video to get more of an understanding of how to make the narrative side of  a music video:

The video is our first attempt at making a narrative video without having any sound involved. This clip is very similar to any other music video narrative as we were restricted by similar things. For example we could not use sound to tell the story, which made it hard for us to tell a story but this was good experience to have before making a full on music video.

Todorovs theory of the narrative section of a video suggests that you need sections of the narrative for it to function a narrative. In our video we have


We made this PMA for our narrative shoot as it helps us to display everything we need and shows us who is responsible for bringing the props and tools we were using.  Doing these PMA’s also help me with my planning skills which is a very important transferable skill. Another important transferable skill that I have learnt from making this PMA is organisation.


Evaluation of our narrative shoot:

Our shoot went very well and we managed to get a lot of shots which are very important to fill out the video. W have most of the shots that we wanted and we have all the shots we should need. Some of the shots are very shaky as we tried to do a lot of it hand held as it was meant to be more of a home video of us recording ourselves rather than a music video. Some of the shakiness of the shots is actually quite good for the video as it makes it seem less professional which is what we were aiming for. On some of the shaky shots that we want to stabilize we can do this in post as we can use the warp stabilize tool.  Overall I believe we managed to achieve the home video look very well. The footage will also look better once we have edited it and put a filter over it and warp stabilized some of it.


This is our first draft of just the performance footage:

Self assessment:

This first draft gives us a good idea of what we want to do when it comes to us making the full video. The video is quite good and accurate to what we wanted but there are still a lot of things that I believe we could have done a lot better.  For example we do not actually have a full video of performance. This means we will probably need to do another performance shoot to try and make up for the missing space when we make the full video. Some of the edits in the video are also not as good as we wanted them to be as we also want to try and put a VHS filter over some or most of the footage to make it more like what we want it to be. With the filter the video should feel and look more like a home video type style which is what we are going for, whereas at the moment some of the clips look quite bland and boring as they are simply raw footage.  Adding this filter will also help with the genre conventions as this is something that can be seen on a lot of videos in the same genre and style as our video.  Some things that I did like about the video is that a lot of it is edited in time and the shots work well together.

Targets for improvement:

  • We need to get more footage so that we have a more fleshed out video
  • We could do with more shots in general as we are lacking in some of the shots
  • We are missing some shots of the guitar and the bass guitar
  • We could also do with more individual shots for each of the band members
  • The song’s pace is also not quite matched like I would like it to be
  • Need more shots of the band dancing
  • Need more shots of individual band members (Close ups, Mid shots)
  • Need to edit the video in beat throughout


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