So…I’m a media prosumer

Media Collage 

Bulmer & Katz Uses And Gratification Theory

‘The Bulmer & Katz Uses And Gratification Theory’ is the way we understand what types of media we all consume throughout our various interests which range in these four headings below.

  • Personal Identity
  • Social Interaction
  • Entertainment
  • Education and Information

I’m a media Prosumer, this means that as well as consuming the various types of media e.g “Entertainment”  I also produce media, one way I produce Media is by uploading pictures/videos to social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. Whilst creating my Media Collage I found various links in my interests from the “Bulmer & Katz Uses And Gratification Theory'” for example ‘The Killers’ falls into the area of “entertainment” as that’s the genre of music I enjoy to listen to but also ‘Personal Identity’ as It shows people a bit about my taste of music which helps them get a better understanding of the type of person I am, this also shows some ‘social Interaction’ asit is art of my social circle the genre of music we listen to.

This Theory will Benefit the producing of any Media I create for example my “Music Magazine”, as it will allow me to focus on the more important sections to enable me to get my message across to the audience of the text.

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