Technical Camera Terms

How does the camera create meaningĀ 

Today we took lots of pictures that were all using the various camera techniques to create meaning, we gathered all of these pictures by putting them into contact sheets where we then chose our 9 favorite images to put into our mood board.

Contact Sheet 1

Contact Sheet 2

Camera Techniques

The camera creates meaning through the way the photo is taken for example:

  • Close up
  • Mid Shot
  • Long Shot
  • Low Angle Shot
  • High Angle Shot
  • Depth Of Field
  • Canted Shot
  • POV Shot

The way these techniques create an effect is for example with a close up it often creates quite a serious effect on the audience where as a long shot creates a sense of freedom and space, the way in which a photo is taken has a dramatic effect on the emotions that are portrayed in the image and towards the audience.

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