The Camera Talks

Mood board Task –

Today our task was to go into pairs and take lots of pictures which try too display an effect on the audience e.g anger or happiness, we then selected our favourite 9 images to add to our mood board, all of these had to include three hashtags:

  • #the technical term (#longshot#lowangle)
  • #the example/denotation (#manalone#lookingcross)
  • #the analysis/connotation (#lonely#excited#leaving)

How well did we achieve our aims-

Our main themes of focus during the creation of our mood board was to try and be edgy and different so that our mood board would stand out, we tried to do this by getting interesting angles and then keep a straight face to create a serious but edgy feeling for the audience. We feel as if we achieved our aims because our lighting really portrays the relevant hashtags for example for the happier images we tried to make them brighter by using the flash where as for the darker feeling we used no flash and used nature to create a raw element to them.

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