So… How can an image communicate meaning?

Today in class we were given the task to take photos and show how those images communicate meaning to the audience using CLAMPS. Images can communicate meaning using the following terms

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Acting & Proxemics
  • Make up & Hair
  • Props
  • Setting

For example the costume plays a massive part in the meaning as if the costume doesn’t reflect on the genre/style then the entire photo wouldn’t make sense and it wouldn’t be typical to the style. Similar to costume setting plays a massive part in the feeling of the picture if its a sad image trying to communicate a sense of emotion and in the background there was a bright colourful sky it wouldn’t resemble the effect correctly meaning many of mise-en-scene is incredibly important in how the image comes across to the audience.

The use of CLAMPS will help me portray the correct meaning as it will help enable me what type of things to make sure i am careful about in making sure that my image is presented in the correct way for the style.

Camera angles and framing of the image communicates a huge meaning for the image because for example if its a low angle shot then the image might be portraying the effect of dominance and power where as a high angle shot could portray the feeling of innocence and weakness on the audience,  this is why camera is a huge reason on communicating effect to the audience.

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