Branding Ideas + Mission Statement

Magazine Name + Genre

The name if have chosen for my magazine is ‘FLARE’ and the genre for my magazine is ‘Rap’

I have chosen this name because I feel like it represents the genre of Rap very well as rap is quite a controversial genre of music with some intense topics but it also has flare when you listen to it, which is why I have chosen it for my Magazine name.

I chose the genre of Rap for my music magazine because I feel like its an interesting genre with the clothes they wear and how intense everything is, Rap is currently my favourite music to listen to because its very real and relatable for the young society it is mainly aimed at.


Mission Statement –

Flare is a Magazine that will include the latest up to date Hip Hop news and information on new albums/songs being released by some of the worlds biggest Hip Hop stars. My Magazine will also include interviews and the top brand new information on the stars, my main target is to perfectly aim my Magazine for my target audience which will ensure i’m maximising my sales on my magazine. My magazine is being released weekly on a Friday to give my audience a weekly update on all the new Rap Gossip.

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