My Audience Profile

My Dating Profile –

Today we had to do some research on a star and there demographics and then create our own person who would be the perfect person who meets the target audience for the genre of rap. My dating profile includes lots of information about the person I created called ‘Lucas’ it describes his lifestyle and his favourite things to do in life, this all helps me to get a better understanding of the type of person i’m aiming my music magazine at. I think my perfect person for my target audience, is a young person who is very passionate on many things like there family and their career but also have a rough edge to them giving them a link to the intense genre of rap as its very relatable for them.


Reception Theory –

Stuart Hall created the reception theory which isĀ  a theory which states the way which an audience have individual reading of a media text and that reading is a two stage process which is where the reader encodes and decodes the media text.

  • Encodes – The reader reads the media text and interprets in a particular way which suits them
  • Decodes – The audience also break down the text and bring some ideologies to the text

Stuart then suggested that people should read a media text in these three ways –

  • Preferred or dominant reading
  • Negotiated reading
  • Oppositional or aberrant reading

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