So… I’m ready to make some media!

What do I need to think about when creating my magazine cover – 

The main things I need to consider when creating my own Music Magazine are making sure I meet my target audience correctly, I also need to ensure that the style of my magazine is appropriate for the genre for example colour schemes and typeface.

Camera –

When I am doing my photo shoot for my magazine I will be able to use my Camera skills I have gathered from previous shoots and I can use the correct angles and framing to enable I get the correct image across to my audience.

Mise en scene –

When doing my photo shoot I need to ensure my image meets the various elements of mise en scene to make sure it meets the correct style for the audience for example:

  • Costume – I need to make sure my model is wearing the correct style of clothing so that it matches the genre correctly.
  • Setting – I will need to make sure that the background of my shoot is relevant to typical magazine’s of the genre.
  • Lighting – I will need to make sure the lighting is good to make sure my image is clear and focused.

Bulmer & Katz

When making my music magazine I will need to make sure I take good consideration of these four elements:

  • Social Interaction
  • Personal Identity
  • Education and Information
  • Entertainment

I will need to make sure I meet the Bulmer and Katz requirements and ensure they are presented well on my music magazine.


AIDA stands for –

  • Attract
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

To make sure I meet all these elements I will plan to include all of these things into my music magazine, I can do this by using eye catching colours to ‘Attract’ the audience, to create interest I will add some content of what is included within the magazine to create ‘Interest’ for the audience, Finally I will have to create a call to ‘Action’ and create an effect of desire for my target audience.


How will this help me with my Music Magazine? –

Doing this planning now will really help me create an image in my head of how I want to present my Music Magazine, It also helps me acquire the knowledge needed to meet the requirements in all the areas of mise en scene and Bulmer and Katz, which will help me in my photo shoot and when i’m editing my Music Magazine.




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