Language Analysis

In aid of preparation for creating my own double page spread, I was tasked with analysing the layout and language used in a double page spread. Doing this analysis will help me get a much stronger idea of the main conventions of a DPS and what kind of things to include in my own, the main things I will be checking for throughout the DPS is ‘AIDA’ (Action, Interest, Desire, Action)

I have chosen an article written by ‘Q magazine’ the DPS is about a man called ‘James Lavelle’ the article starts with a description of his 24th birthday party and how he was in the company of many big names such as ‘Noel Gallagher’ and ‘Alexander McQueen’ but then the article goes onto how he almost became bankrupt in 2003 and he was asked by Brian cox –  ‘have you looked at yourself?’

My first impressions of the magazine is that they have used a full page close up of ‘James Lavelle’ as a way to draw attention to the article and to the magazine but to also show the audience who they are reading about. They have also covered up half of the page with his name in full caps as a way to demonstrate importance and how good the article is to the audience. The colour scheme is very well used, they have used the red in three important places for the magazine logo and in the drop capital/stand first to draw the audience into these sections as they are the most important parts of the article.

stand first –

The stand first is very well written with some very interesting points that really hook the audience into reading on e.g ‘Visionary lightening rod’ this is a metaphor for what he does in bringing ‘Thom Yorke, Mike D and Richard Ashcroft’ together. The use of those names has also widened the audience as more people might recognize those names and want to read on, which will increase the popularity of the article.

Main Article –

During the main article James talks about his 24th Birthday party with all these A listers that attended. he described his party as ‘a f*****g amazing party’ at his party there was an ‘Everest of cocaine’ which shows the audience how big the party was and how famous James was when he was young. The title of the article is ‘Maverick’ which perfectly represents James for how he acted when he was younger. Towards the end of the article Brian Cox is talking to Lavelle about ” the mistakes you’ve made”and “have you looked yourself?” which completely contrasts the opening to the article.

How does the article engage with these he audience?

The article engages with the audience with the brief touch of colour to keep them interested in all the main elements of the article but also with the types of words used throughout the article, they have added a sense of humor into the article making people want to read more. They have used the humor to represent James and how he has had big highs and low lows throughout his career.


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