Favourite Music Video from Former Student

I really like this music video as its a similar genre to the song I would like to create so it has given me some good inspiration for some shot designs and some narrative ideas.

My favourite things about the music video are –

  • The song is correctly synced to the lips of the models in the video
  • Good variety of shots e.g pan, close up, long shot
  • I like how it starts with the playing of the tape but then ends with him throwing the tape, shows a good progression. of the. narrative and the storyline has been well thought out.
  • I like how the girl is shown as a separate narrative it starts with her walking to then her lying down on grass with flowers this is a really attractive shot as it uses really good colour balancing with the pure white of her dress to the red/orange colours from the flowers, this really draws the audience to the video.
  • I like the shot where the guy leaves the greenhouse for the first time in the video and there are two of him phasing into each other, this is a good shot as it emphasises the strength and emotion in the vocals and it is a really cool effect to use as a way of attracting the viewer.

Themes/Ideas –

The main themes I think are being presented throughout the music video are love and isolation as it is clear that the main guy is ‘trapped’ in the greenhouse and that it seems he cannot escape. He is also desperately in love with the lady that we say throughout the video which adds a love element to the video.

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