Initial song ideas for a video – Mini pitch

Mini Pitch –

Here is my mini pitch to the two songs ‘Rely on me’  by James Smith which is about a heartbreak which then ends up with both of the people still in love with each other ‘relying’ on one another just like they used to. This is the exact genre of music I want to use for my own music video as it is really moving and creates emotion for your audience which most likely will be able to sympathise with the topics making it a much more relatable song and piece to produce. The main Ideas for this song are a performance scene where there is a dark room (on stage) and there is a piano with a spotlight on it, with various lights around, also a smoke machine or a smoke element to the scene, then I want the camera to slowly dolly around the piano while the song flips between this scene and the narrative scene’s. For the narrative scene’s Im thinking of you get a short glimpse of there happy relationship together and then it all turns sour with a big argument that leaves them single, but then towards the end of the song they are back to depending on each other when maybe they shouldn’t be but they know they shouldn’t be anymore.

My second piece I have chosen is ‘Honesty’  by Pink Sweat$ which is about falling in love instead of falling out of love, I have chosen this song as similarly to the first piece its to do with love which is most probably a highly relatable topic for my target audience so they should be able to enjoy the song and the video if they have a clear understanding of what the music means for them, for the performance section of this song what I have in mind is him in the rain with quite a close up shot singing to her and she is almost tempted by him but is strong. enough to resist him, and I can do various shots such as this but with different themes and aesthetics. For the narrative section of this piece I see the guy chasing the girl her wants, he is always trying to find her but he is unable to for a long time until towards the end he finally finds her and is unable to get what he ‘wants’ and get the girl he loves.

How am I going to keep my narrative unique –

To ensure that my narrative for my music video is different to the usual ‘soap opera’ relationship Im going to ensure I keep it unique to most music video relationship breakdowns that you see, i’m going to aim to do this by including different themes and emotions from the relationship seen by the audience such as a surprise from one of the members of the relationship and maybe the feeling of envy as this isn’t something you see much off in a sad music video, Im going to add some elements of jealousy in the music video as I think that is a key relatable emotion for many people which should make the audience sympathise and connect much better to my music video. These ideas should hopefully make my narrative stand out and remain much different to the current ‘sad’ music video’s there are already out there.

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