Task 22 – Big Ideas – summary

In this task, we had to watch a screencastify about all of the main seven areas that we have to know about for out exam, I wrote a summary of each section below and what each section means and some examples.

  • Ownership & Funding –
  • The Big 3 (Conglomerates), Independent artists, DIY artists. Technology companies have come along in modern times and taken control of distribution and ownership e.g Spotify and Amazon music.
  • Cross media convergence & Synergy –
  • There are many different ways to ‘sell’ music like in video games or in films. You can sell your star image to an audience to make them buy something you’re trying to promote. There is mutual benefit for both parts of the promotion, the music artist will benefit from getting more people listening to their music, and for example the film will gain more watches due to a big artist being included in the song so both areas gain much more of an audience due to a big cross media convergence.
  • Technology –
  •   Due to technology we all have the ability to look at media anytime, any place, we also have the ability to share things to people which is a form of online ‘word of mouth’. Also, we can stream/download music to listen to whenever we want to because we pay a subscription to the companies service of providing any music we want.
  •  Proliferation of Technology –
  •  Anyone can make music today as well as creating videos alongside that, so we as creators have a great deal of power. Also, piracy has been a concern for both the music and the film industry as people online are abusing the normal way of purchasing or paying for those services, they are simply listening or watching these things for free. In modern times it’s really difficult for artists to make any money/profit from recorded music, they only get a small percentage per stream on online distribution services. This has made Live music really important as that’s the main way that artists will create an earning, The artists almost have to use their recorded music to persuade people to want to see them live which is also good for selling merchandise as people who watch live will want to support the artist by wearing their clothing brand.
  • Technological convergence –
  •  Having phones enabling an audience to interact and to participate online, the power has moved away from labels and towards Artists and Audience, however, lots of power has now gone to technology companies like Spotify who own a dominant portion of the online distribution market.  We are the media, everyone can comment, share and like each other’s posts and pictures and you can build an online community about topics that people share an interest in.
  • Audiences –
  • conglomerates such as Sony, Warner and Universal all hunt for global stars with a global audience, however, Indie Labels are much more local and only known in a specific region. Online media influencers like YouTubers or TikTok stars have a huge following giving them a huge amount of power to advertise and promote themselves or other products.
  • Consuming Media –
  •  Audience behaviour is always changing online, online interaction is also changing with what we see on our feeds and what we are sharing around online, What platforms and communities are you a part of online, Bespoke media (‘Tailor-made’) media is often made for a specific target audience in mind and companies when advertising will know what types of interests you have and target an ad that will interest you into wanting more of what they are promoting. They know your demographics so they know your age, gender, location, status and income, they also know the things you love/hate to see online.


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