Final Song Choice

Reasons why we chose this song –

One of the main reasons that we chose this song is because it has a cheerful emotion and the song is upbeat. The themes that the song creates is a small element of love mixed with a summer full of fun. The lyrics of the piece are very orientated about the girl that he loves but for our music video were going to approach it with like an amplification effect and add on a summer feel to exclude the ‘soap opera’ type of relationship you see in lots of music videos.

The relationship between the editing and the rhythm of the song played a massive part in the process of choosing this song because the rhythm for the song is a moderate pace, which is quite good when we will be editing our music video as we’ll be able to create the message and create emotions much easier. when creating our music video I’m hoping to be able to focus much more on the cinematography and creating/adding effects to the edit to add some interest and keep the audience engaged whist watching.

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