Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Here is our first draft of our music video ‘mine’ by Bazzi

Self Evaluation

  • The mise en scene is accurate to the envisioned style and works well for the style of the song.
  • Good lip syncing, all seems to match up perfectly
  • A good range of camera angles used and they all create a new feeling for the audience.
  • good experimentation with the effects they work well for the style and create a cool effect.

Targets for improvement 

  • Try and get the second performer more involved in the video to add to the narrative
  • on your location shoot make sure you try some dolly/tracking shots too add to the movement of the camera to add extra interest for the audience
  • Make sure to play with the rhythm of the music in your edit try and time cuts well to add to the bounce and vibe of the video
  • Try and bring out the colours, add some saturation and try and expose the background to try and bring out the whites to add to the colour and stop it from feeling dull in the studio shots.

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