Star Image – Theirs and Mine

My Star Image –

Today I created a Prezi Presentation to help me find similar celebrities/stars that fit my genre of music for my magazine. we had to focus on these five elements:

  • Music
  • Performance
  • Appearances
  • Articles
  • Social Media

My star that I looked is ‘Arizona Zervas’ He is a rising rap artist who has some big achievements to say that he is a smaller name in the rap community, the main reason I chose Arizona Zervas is because his music is the perfect representation of what i’m aiming for in my own music magazine, he also poses and represents the same themes I want to correlate to my audience on my own magazine.

Creating this Prezi Presentation helped me understand the idea of the ‘Meta Narrative’ much better, which is a mix of media texts that represents the shape of a star in their minds. It has helped me understand what kind of profile my star needs to appear to have and try to represent this as best as possible through my camera angles and poses.

Designing My Star –

Today In lesson I created a moodboard focusing on the types of:

  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Colour Swatches
  • Typeface

that I will need to make sure I am hitting my target audience to the best of my ability, this will help me when creating my music magazine as it will ensure I have a clear idea of how to perfect my magazine with all the various elements.

  • The costume theme I have gone for is a casual but unique style to represent the rap in the correct way
  • The props I will be using for my photo-shoot are a hat, watch and glasses
  • The main colours I’m trying to use in my magazine are Blue, Yellow, Red and white
  • The Typeface I will be using is called ‘Hero’ I feel like its a good font that is very similar to fonts that are already used in existing music magazines.

Communicating my Brand

Pinterest Moodboard –

To view my mood board Click here!

Here is my Rap mood board that I put together with the costume, colour and typeface inspiration I have for my own Music Magazine, This will help me with my design and production of my own magazine as it will help pin point the types of things i’m going to include for example colour schemes and clothing for my model, with production it will help me with my photo shoot ideas and the types of angles and poses I want for my model.

My Audience Profile

My Dating Profile –

Today we had to do some research on a star and there demographics and then create our own person who would be the perfect person who meets the target audience for the genre of rap. My dating profile includes lots of information about the person I created called ‘Lucas’ it describes his lifestyle and his favourite things to do in life, this all helps me to get a better understanding of the type of person i’m aiming my music magazine at. I think my perfect person for my target audience, is a young person who is very passionate on many things like there family and their career but also have a rough edge to them giving them a link to the intense genre of rap as its very relatable for them.


Reception Theory –

Stuart Hall created the reception theory which is  a theory which states the way which an audience have individual reading of a media text and that reading is a two stage process which is where the reader encodes and decodes the media text.

  • Encodes – The reader reads the media text and interprets in a particular way which suits them
  • Decodes – The audience also break down the text and bring some ideologies to the text

Stuart then suggested that people should read a media text in these three ways –

  • Preferred or dominant reading
  • Negotiated reading
  • Oppositional or aberrant reading

Branding Ideas + Mission Statement

Magazine Name + Genre

The name if have chosen for my magazine is ‘FLARE’ and the genre for my magazine is ‘Rap’

I have chosen this name because I feel like it represents the genre of Rap very well as rap is quite a controversial genre of music with some intense topics but it also has flare when you listen to it, which is why I have chosen it for my Magazine name.

I chose the genre of Rap for my music magazine because I feel like its an interesting genre with the clothes they wear and how intense everything is, Rap is currently my favourite music to listen to because its very real and relatable for the young society it is mainly aimed at.


Mission Statement –

Flare is a Magazine that will include the latest up to date Hip Hop news and information on new albums/songs being released by some of the worlds biggest Hip Hop stars. My Magazine will also include interviews and the top brand new information on the stars, my main target is to perfectly aim my Magazine for my target audience which will ensure i’m maximising my sales on my magazine. My magazine is being released weekly on a Friday to give my audience a weekly update on all the new Rap Gossip.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

What do I need to think about when creating my magazine cover – 

The main things I need to consider when creating my own Music Magazine are making sure I meet my target audience correctly, I also need to ensure that the style of my magazine is appropriate for the genre for example colour schemes and typeface.

Camera –

When I am doing my photo shoot for my magazine I will be able to use my Camera skills I have gathered from previous shoots and I can use the correct angles and framing to enable I get the correct image across to my audience.

Mise en scene –

When doing my photo shoot I need to ensure my image meets the various elements of mise en scene to make sure it meets the correct style for the audience for example:

  • Costume – I need to make sure my model is wearing the correct style of clothing so that it matches the genre correctly.
  • Setting – I will need to make sure that the background of my shoot is relevant to typical magazine’s of the genre.
  • Lighting – I will need to make sure the lighting is good to make sure my image is clear and focused.

Bulmer & Katz

When making my music magazine I will need to make sure I take good consideration of these four elements:

  • Social Interaction
  • Personal Identity
  • Education and Information
  • Entertainment

I will need to make sure I meet the Bulmer and Katz requirements and ensure they are presented well on my music magazine.


How will this help me with my Music Magazine? –

Doing this planning now will really help me create an image in my head of how I want to present my Music Magazine, It also helps me acquire the knowledge needed to meet the requirements in all the areas of mise en scene and Bulmer and Katz, which will help me in my photo shoot and when i’m editing my Music Magazine.




My Tour Poster

Preparation –

First of all I created a mood board of examples of current indie posters for pointers in creating my own, this helped me understand the genre and style of Indie much better and it helped me realise what types of things I needed to include when i was creating my poster.

The brief –

A client has come to you with an image of themselves as a performer. Their style of music will belong to a particular genre. They want you to design a poster for an A4 page in a magazine, advertising and promoting their forthcoming tour. You must include the following:

  • Name of artist

  • Name of the Tour

  • Dates and Venues

  • Other information like: where the album can be bought/downloaded, tickets available from and prices etc.

My Tour Poster –

Self Assessment –

Improvements for technical skills –

  • Wider range of fonts
  • More Images included
  • Larger Masthead
  • More colours included

My Magazine Front Page Swede

Today in class we had to choose one of the various professional NME Music Magazine’s and then use Adobe Indesign to try and create an identical version by finding all the correct fonts and images to match the Professional Magazine.

Joe Strummer Magazine –

My version of the magazine –

Creating my version of the Joe Strummer Magazine was a very useful task as it really helped me understand how Indesign works and to use many features of the software for example:

  • Text Stroke
  • Effects (Drop Shadow)
  • Placing Images In
  • Adding shapes in e.g Circles

All these things I’ve learnt from creating my version of the magazine will really help advance my skills when creating my own music magazine and also doing this has also enabled me to understand the software much better therefore I will be more experienced when creating my own.

Video Tutorials

  • This video goes through some really important tips for complete beginners to InDesign

Things I learnt whilst watching this video were things like:

  • Drop Shadows & Object Effects
  • Creating & Editing Tables
  • Fitting Content to a Frame

  • This video goes through how to use the basic tools on InDesign which is really useful because to create things you need to know how to use these tools.

Things I learnt in this video were things like:

  • How to draw things
  • How to input Images

  • This video goes through how to place and move shapes on InDesign which is really useful in various things in creating a Music Magazine as for things like a pug use shapes so its really helpful.

Things I learnt in this video were things like:

  • How to create shapes
  • How to move shapes
  • How to give shapes colours and strokes

A Front Cover Analysed

Analysing demographics

Today in class we were assigned with the task of analysing demographics of this poster of Kendrick Lamar and finding out various things about what is important about the image and how its presented with things like colour posture and general meaning with the audience.

The main themes that are presented from the Magazine are:

  • Menacing posture
  • He is presented to seem thoughtful and a strong character.


The costume that he is wearing is quite formal but also informal these contradict because he is wearing a collared shirt but then has lots of gold chains around his neck reflecting on his wealth and income.


The masthead is a very large but eye catching typeface used with a bright vibrant red which is all used with engaging the audience but also making the audience interested and want to know more about Kendrick Lamar and more about ‘VIBE’ Magazine.

How will this help me?

This will help me lots when it comes to creating my own music magazine as I will already know what areas I need to make sure I’m  meeting the reqirements of my target audience for example:

  • Typeface
  • Masthead
  • Colours
  • Images

Audience Profiling

Today in class we had been selected with a music magazine and we were assigned with the task of analysing the demographics and psychographics using the website YouGov to find out all about the audience and other information about the main cover star on the magazine.

The benefits to me doing this now is that it will really increase my knowledge of how to find out about celebrities audiences and what type of people they are so that when I create my Music Magazine I will be very aware of who my target audience is and how I can make sure my Magazine meets the requirements for them.

Conventional design features of a magazine

Features of Music Magazine’s

Today we analysed a music magazine to get a better understanding of what kind of features have to go into one. This will help me in my research because it will help me apply where to add these features in my own music magazine.

Some of the main features that are used in a music magazine are :

  • Masthead
  • Pug
  • Plug
  • Main cover star
  • Subtitles
  • Captions
  • Instets
  • Limited colours
  • price
  • barcode
  • date