How are my adverts appropriate for my target audience? –

Both of my adverts are musical and link to the to my target audience which are young teens/millennial’s. I have chosen the ‘small blues trap’ advert as it is hip hop related which directly relates to the genre of my magazine which should increase the attraction towards my magazine. I have chosen the jazz festival to widen my audience in case different people decide to read my magazine there is a wider range of my audience satisfied as its not all about hip hop.

My dating profile that I competed about ‘Lucas’ Showed me my main target audience which is young male’s/females that are interested in hip hop and some similar genre’s of music, they are quite civilised people with respect with an outgoing element to them, this is why I have chosen a different style for one of my ads as they are quite outgoing people.

Other adverts I was interested in –

I was also interested in using a product for my adverts as It would have been a good idea to use a product relevant to my genre to maybe keep people interested in the genre but also to help raise awareness for the product, Ive decided to have different two music event posters so show how much of a range there is in music.


So… How is it going?

Transferable skills –

Transferable skills – Are those that you develop as you progress through employment, education or training. Communication, problem solving and teamwork are all examples of transferable skills because they can be used in any employed role, your education or vocational training.

one skill I have been able to adapt on is teamwork, things which helped my teamwork skills were things like doing photoshoots which I needed to meet new people and work as a team in the setup of the studio and modelling for my images. I also needed teamwork for the production of my magazine with aid in using indesign and photoshop and helping others.

Another skill I adapted is communication skills this was better adapted through peer feedback as I had to give feedback on other magazine’s, I also had to receive feedback on my own magazine which helped me aswell.

Another skill I had to keep really close attention too is my time management skills, I had to ensure all my work was finished in time for any deadlines, I had good practise when writing some essays that had deadlines.

A final skill that I had to also keep close attention too was my organisation, this skill was important for me in my production of my music magazine as I had to make sure I knew what my ideas were and any feedback I needed to make sure I knew what to change.

All of these skills really ensured I was prepared for all my work e.g my music magazine, they will also help me in further work which includes some of these skills as it has boosted my confidence in these areas.





Design Skills 2

New design skills or production techniques have I learnt?

During the time of creating my magazine on indesign and photoshop, I have had to use many tools which have helped me create a better image/design on my music magazine, I have been able to respond to peer feedback much better as I have more skills in order to create the better design. I have had to use various tools in order to respond to feedback such as:

  • Ellipse Tool
  • Zoom Tool
  • Rectangle Tool

Image result for ellipse tool indesign

I used the ellipse tool for my magazine to create my pug, this was a useful tool as it made the exact shape I wanted to use, it was also useful as it was able to make a perfect circle which made the magazine more pleasing to the audience.

The zoom tool helped me get a better look at what areas I wanted to change, this was really useful as it enabled me to make things look more attractive to the audience as I was able to spot mistakes that were harder to see.

I used the rectangle tool to help make my magazine more effective changing the colour of the box and the opacity to make things on my magazine stand out more to the audience.


using these tools I was able too create the best image as possible to meet the requirements of my feedback and also my audience


I could have experimented more with various tools in order to make my magazine look more outgoing and have more flare.


A New Improved Contents Page

What’s New? –

  • I have made my model larger
  • I added a box for my ‘Articles’ and ‘News’ section
  • Changed the contents colour to red
  • Made my model brighter

Peer Feedback –

Q – How does the contents page work in tandem with the front cover?                                     

A – your contents page mixes very well with your front page especially with the mastheads having a strong link, also the layout matches the theme of your front page well.

Describe the images of the stars using adjectives

Powerful, Street, courageous, influential, edgy, ambitious

Which cover-lines tempt the audience to read on and which ones stand out and why?                                                                              

I really like the ‘will A$AP Rocky be released from jail’ headline as it fits the genre of hip hop really well and will entice readers to read on.

How do the cover-lines reflect a music magazine? If they don’t,  which ones need to be adapted?                                                                                                                        

Your cover lines represent a music magazine well especially with the ‘Q&A with Drake’ cover line as drake is a huge music artist, so that shows the audience that it’s a music magazine.

Which areas, aspects have distracting areas of integration of copy and images?                                                                                          

Your magazine has no distracting elements. It is all structured well and is very presentable and easy to look at/read.

What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional (page numbers, inserts, captions, catchy cover lines, editors comment?                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Your page numbers are easy to see and are placed in the correct place, your columns are a good size

Summarise and then act on their feedback with @ 3-5 specific targets to address.                                                                            

Make your model a little larger                                                                                                   

Change the opacity of your box

Make your page from the masthead larger