My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning.

Mise En Scene-

  • Costume – Class & status, uniformity
  • Lighting – shadows, colours
  • Acting & Proxemics – Body Language
  • Makeup and Hair – style and fashion
  • Props – props that show meaning e.g social class
  • Setting –  background


For this task my group was allocated the genre of indie. We were assigned to do a photo shoot for an album cover. whilst doing some research the main elements we were interested in were:

  • Fashion
  • Make up/Hair styles
  • Indie Posters
  • Indie Bands/Music

During the photo shoot process some key elements that were highlighted were, the appearance of indie people who typically would wear simple styled clothes with light make up and headbands as discovered throughout the research. A key example is ‘Florence and the Machine’ She wears plain dresses with her hair in a natural way, she also has subtle make up on making her perfect for the typical connotations to the genre. Furthermore the main themes we noticed whilst analysing current indie band posters was that most of them share this ‘loud’ vibe where it really grasps the viewers attention with bright popping colours with an abstract typeface and also this simplicity effect.

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Textual analysis of practice photo –


Print Media that Communicates Meaning

Tour Poster

How does the poster reflect on colour, fonts, body language and lighting?

Colour –  The yellow background stands out which grabs the audience’s attention. The connotations of the poster represent wealth and power. Also the use of yellow shows that he is very unique.

Fonts – The typeface that is used is very cool and really grabs the readers attention as ts snappy and unique and also is a eye catching colour purposely done to create more interest about the poster.

Body Language – The Body Language of the ‘Weeknd’ creates a very menacing and powerful effect it also makes the audience feel as though he is very rebellious which makes him seem strong and unique as his poster is a rejection of mainstream ideas.

Lighting – The lighting on his face is dark which adds the theme of mystery to the picture but also shows how he is a rebellious character and goes for bold decisions with his tour poster’s.