Timeline and Marketing ideas

Above is our timeline that we used whilst creating our Social Media Page and the order we wanted to post them. Our aim is to include a few political posts to make sure our audience know our star is keeping up with current relevant news. To start our marketing campaign for the release of our digipack and album we are planning on releasing our song and then slowly releasing the rest of our content such as merchandise, a small 15 second sneak peak of the music video, followed shortly by the full music video, and then finally release the album digipack artwork. the reason that we are spreading out our posts is to keep our audience engaged and excited for the release of our new content and we feel like this is a really important element of our marketing campaign and it connects.our star closer to his audience.







Audience interaction with a social media page – an analysis

Above is mine and Millie’s screencastify on Bazzi’s Facebook page, we are looking at the different ways that he includes uses and gratifications for his fans. We decided to choose Bazzi because he is an artist similar to ours being a pop/rap artist. throughout our screencastify we are going through the key features that he includes on his social pages so we can have some more idea of what type of posts we could include in our Social Media Page, as well as the the typeface’s and colour palette that he uses as these are the main elements that create a major difference to the style of the page. We also looked at how Bazzi uses AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and how he uses different marketing strategies (Guerilla)to portray emotions towards his audience.


Above is the powerpoint that we used whilst recording our screencastify and it goes in to detail about each post in summary boxes to keep it organised and easy for us to read.