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Feedback and Targets Draft 2 – Digipak and Advert

To gain feedback for our final digipak and advert we wanted to get a response from our peers and teachers in a different way so, I made a Google Forms page and created different questions for my peers to respond to. I included questions to see what people really liked about the products and what they did not like as much so that I could see how others feel towards our work.

Questions included:

*Do you like the overall look of this advert? why?

*Do you feel the advert and Front cover of the digipak resemble each other well?

*Would you be able to identify the colours and shapes of the bottles as different people, with different personalities?

*Does this work best as a inside right cover for the digipak? why?

*Do you think a photo of the band would be more appropriate?

*What two things do you like about the products?

*Where do you think we could improve?

*Do you feel the two final products (Advert & Digipak panes) link nicely? In what ways do they link together?


I was really pleased by the feedback that we received because of the positive outcome. This was the best way to understand putting time and effort into something really does pay off.

Below are some screenshots  which show the responses to our longer answer questions.

Below are two pie charts, this is how we received the short answer responses.

Overall I feel that this was a really good way to get feedback because it was informal and a good way to get clear responses.

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