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Virtual Set Design

There was a optional lecture from Chris Stuart, an Emmy winning 3D set designer, which I went to and found extremely interesting. During his presentation he showed us a company named Brainstorm who deliver a 3D set seamlessly, almost real with live presenters.

He was a very influential man and has helped me to become more motivated and interested in my productions for media. It just shows when you put a lot of effort into something you can create brilliant outcomes. He also uses very similar programmes to us students, like Premiere Pro. This was so exciting to know that real production staff se the same software as we do in school.

Below you are able to see myself and lots of other students at the presentation.


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Music Video Draft 5

Here is draft 5 of our music video where I have edited with a lot faster transitions and pace of edit. I decided to do this because I felt that the pace of edit in draft 4 was too slow for the tempo of the song. I also found shots from the performance and narrative shoots which had not been used yet they were still high quality and included interesting shots and movement.

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Evaluation Question 4

For this evaluation question we were asked to answer the following question using Pinterest.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning, production and post production and evaluation stages?

The Pinterest board includes each stage of creating my product from Research, planning, pre production to production, feedback and evaluation.

It was a great way to look back over my coursework and remember just how much work I have done, what I have learnt and how the final products have come together.

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Evaluation Question 3

Here is my groups Evaluation Question 3 where we were asked to answer the following question:

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

For this task we were asked to complete a VoiceThread document to show a Google Slides presentation and talk over it describing what we learnt from our audience feedback, which feedback we thought was helpful or which was almost useless for example; using Snapchat as feedback was awfully dull and vague.


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Evaluation Question 1

Here is my Google Slides document where I have answered the following question for my music video:

‘In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?’


Below is my Google Slides document Where I have answered the following question for my digipak and advert:

‘In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?’

Doing this evaluation question has really helped me to think and realise my thought processes and inspiration that I have gained from other professional indie rock music videos, digipaks and adverts.


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Feedback and Targets Draft 2 – Digipak and Advert

To gain feedback for our final digipak and advert we wanted to get a response from our peers and teachers in a different way so, I made a Google Forms page and created different questions for my peers to respond to. I included questions to see what people really liked about the products and what they did not like as much so that I could see how others feel towards our work.

Questions included:

*Do you like the overall look of this advert? why?

*Do you feel the advert and Front cover of the digipak resemble each other well?

*Would you be able to identify the colours and shapes of the bottles as different people, with different personalities?

*Does this work best as a inside right cover for the digipak? why?

*Do you think a photo of the band would be more appropriate?

*What two things do you like about the products?

*Where do you think we could improve?

*Do you feel the two final products (Advert & Digipak panes) link nicely? In what ways do they link together?


I was really pleased by the feedback that we received because of the positive outcome. This was the best way to understand putting time and effort into something really does pay off.

Below are some screenshots  which show the responses to our longer answer questions.

Below are two pie charts, this is how we received the short answer responses.

Overall I feel that this was a really good way to get feedback because it was informal and a good way to get clear responses.

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Print Production Draft 2 – Digipak and Advert

Here is Draft 2 of our Digipak and Advert, you are able to see that they are both quite similar but this was done deliberately. So that the audience and potential buyer would be able to recognise the album once released from the advertisement.

Front Cover:

Inside Left:

Inside Right:

Back Cover and Spine:


We have now completed draft 2 of the digipak and advert, so I am going to ask my peers where to improve and make them better. Now that I have exported the advert and front cover of the digipak, the colours do not match so, in the next draft I am going to make sure the colours are correct.


What has changed from Draft 1:

Front cover: Made sure the text and wave are in the same colour and changed the background to the sea to fit the inside right cover.

Inside left cover: Made the silhouette to the bottles on the beach.

Inside right cover: Completely changed from squares to circles and scrapped the writing,’The Ride’.

Back cover: I have added in a extra hook where feedback said there was a patch of empty space.

Advert: -aligned the main titles into the middle of the advert rather than the left side.

-Moved the icons of the companies to the bottom of the advert, equally spaced.

– Added in another 5 star rating to make the advert more equal and symmetrical.


Overall I am so much happier with the look of the digipak and advert because they all link together through colours and the theme of water and sea.

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Advert Feedback and Targets – Draft 1

After completing the first draft of our advert, we decided to get hold of different peers and ask them questions about what they liked and what we could improve on through our advert. In general I was pleased with this feedback because of the critical yet very helpful advice.

We used one of our groups iPhones to record the feedback because it was a quick and simple way to collect information. We used the ‘Voice Memos’ app to record.

Advantages of using Voice Memos:

-Good way to have a record of what the peers said exactly word for word.

-Easy way to ask for feedback, not much preparation needed.

-In general a really quick, simple way to get information about the product.

Disadvantages of using Voice Memos:

-Seemed harder than I first thought to save onto the computer, so it ended up taking a long time to put onto the blog.

-You are able to hear other voices in the background.

Here is the voice recordings of the students:

Positive feedback:

-Good colour scheme

-Wave looks really effective

-Art illustrations fit the genre well.

Negative feedback, Targets:

-The logos are too high up so we will move them lower on the advert.

-The titles are not centred, align the titles into the middle of the advert.