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Narrative Development

Me and Macy have created a slideshow to sketch out a simple narrative structure to our video in three parts which include the beginning, middle and end. We have analysed how we should:

  • Establish the story / theme in the video/ characters
  • The development of the story or the conflict within the theme
  • How the theme/story resolves – what end message we wish to communicate

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

We have now shot our first performance shoots in one of the two locations and we are very pleased with the footage that we managed to get. Before the shoot, we typed up a production meeting agenda, risk assessment and thorough research into the genre/star image and song – as well as charging the batteries of the cameras so we had no troubles with any of the equipment. This allowed us to be super organised on the day of the shoot as we already knew what shots we wanted to film and didn’t need to waste time planning during the shooting time slot. We didn’t have a lot of mise-en-scene as the setting was a plain/empty bedroom which just focuses on the performer

Some of the strengths from this shoot include:

  • We managed to get a wide range of angles and shots – including using the tracking device which allowed us to get some really good tracking/pan shots.
  • The performer was really good at acting and the overall performance of the songs looks very professional
  • The performer had all the correct mise-en-scene – her makeup, clothes and hair suited the style of the song
  • The lighting in the room was light, with different shadows enabling us to get a range of light and shade shots
  • We got more shots than we needed which is good so that we have lots of footage to play around with – meaning we don’t have to do a reshoot

However, there were a few things we could’ve improved upon:

  • We didn’t have a shoulder camera holder so our handheld shots we shaky at some points – the shoulder stand would’ve enabled a more smooth and realistic point of view
  • We forgot to get a shot with a phone – which is important to our story line – but we are just going to shoot that at our next performance shoot instead

We will take these errors into account and improve on them for our next shoot – this has helped us identify was we do wrong/our mistakes when filming and will help us create a better overall music video.

Star Image Planning


We’ve created a moodboard of how our star image represented in our video – constructing the values, attitudes and beliefs of the artist in the mind of the target audience. We had a look through Jorja Smith’s social media, including her tweets and instagram posts. We have found out that stars need to constantly engage with their fans to keep them interested, as star images are constantly being evolved my different media companies. We have put together a collection of her metanarrative and how we want our star to come across in our music video ‘Blue Lights’

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

Lenny Lenfesty, a professional from Scecsavers Production Team came into our media lesson to help further our knowledge and skills on premiere pro. He came round individually to each of our groups and we presented our pitch and ideas to him. Me and Macy wanted to learn how to do different echo/glitch effects and motions, as well as colour corrections and filters. Lenny has lots of experience and took us through step-by-step to learn how to use different colours on premiere pro.

Some of our targets from Lenny were:

  • Ensure we have a solid narrative planned out so we can decide what costumes etc. they can wear and what mise-en-scene is needed
  • He introduced us to an ‘echo’ effect in premiere pro that we learnt how to use
  • Play around with the colour in premiere pro so it can be more related to the genre and fit in with the overall theme of the music video

We have researched some videos which we think will further advance our knowledge in premiere pro:


Genre Convention Analysis

We have created a slideshow of different conventional elements to further understand and have knowledge of our genre. We’ve focused on the repertoire of elements necessary for our particular artist to be generically conventional. We included analysis of the star image, popular themes, music elements, camera techniques/editing and more. We have gained lots of information about all these elements which we can apply to our own music video.

Visual Shot List for Performance shoot

Above is a collage of screenshots of various performances from music videos. These are shots that we want to include in our performance, including different angles and lighting. Doing this has enabled us to ensure we get enough coverage and visual excitement so that we can portray our star in a certain way so that it is conventional to our genre.

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