Well I guess I am now ready to create some media!

Over the course of the first half term I have learnt a multitude of skills that I am going to be able to use in the next half term to start creating my own media based on the research that we have made so far.

We have been taught about mise-en-scene and how we can use it in order to connote certain things about the image, as well as about camera and all of the features that are encompassed within such as exposure, aperture, types of shots and many more. We have also been educated on the standard conventions of a genre or piece of media and how we can use the readers psychographics and demographics in order to create a piece of work which will relate directly to them.  After learning about all of these different skill we were shown how to use the software that are known as Photoshop and InDesign in order to manipulate images and text to create the perfect still images/media.

Overall I want to aim to take into account all of the different skills that I have acquired as stated above as I think that it will aid me to create professional media that blends in with the most popular, highest quality media that we see in today’s society.

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