Design Skills I have Acquired 1

I would like to show you some of the skills that I have learnt to utilise in the creation of my contents page using the two programs; InDesign and Photoshop. These attributes are not only helping me in the creation of my contents page, but also in the design of future projects and drafts including the double page spread 1st and 2nd draft as well as any other drafts and final pieces of work that I create in my time taking A-Level Media Studies.

  • I was wondering how I could create two thick, white lines/rectangles on my contents page to add detail. I ended up overcoming this issue by using InDesigns ‘Rectangle Tool’ from the main tools menu to create two tall boxes which snapped to the same width and length of each other, and then using the fill tool which can be found in the menu that goes along the top of an InDesign page to fill the shape with white. You can see the process of this below, the order being left to right.


  • I wanted to add the effect into my contents page of the pug intruding onto the image at the bottom right. I did this by using the ellipse tool to create a circle that was larger than the pug and then changed the fill to the orange gradient that the rest of the background had. I decided that I had to manually go into the layers tab and change them around so that the elipse layer (IMG_3798) was above the bottom right photo, and below the main cover image.


  • One other skill that I have learnt is the art of using Photoshop to create a blur in a photo which makes it blend in more with a different background to the original one. I did this by using the polygonal lasso tool to highlight the area that I want to delete of the image which still shows the white background, and deleting it. This however leaves a jagged line which can make it look out of place with the background, so I used the blur tool and increased the hardness to 24% in order to leave a good amount of blur to make it fit in. This process can be seen in the photos below.







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