So… Hows the course going?

Now that I have at least two drafts for every aspect of my magazine I am a lot more comfortable in the position that I am in. I have pretty much finished all of my drafts and I am in the process of refining them down to a final product that I am content with.

Over all three of the pages, I have kept a consistent colour scheme which includes unconventional colours such as orange as well as creating a logo which is recognisable enough that you would be able to distinguish it from others, but is also simplistic enough that it sticks in your mind easily. I still have one or two drafts for my contents page and double-page spread including the actual article for my DPS that I need to finalise into the final product but other than that I am done with creating the actual material for my magazine.

As for everything outside of the CAD (Computer Aided Design), all of my photo shoots have had as many aspects as possible which reflect the conventions of the indie pop genre which is what I wanted to aim for in the creation of my music magazine. One theme I have kept throughout all of my shoots is the bright and dark miseenscene, for instance in my contents page shoot I had someone dress in bright clothes and the other in darker, more edgy costume. Another big part of mise-en-scene that I paid attention to in my shoots is the acting, for instance in many of my smaller shoots I had the models stand with their hands by their sides staring straight into the camera to relate to other big artists and bands who make indie pop content such as AJR.

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