HP Reveal on my Double-Page Spread

Recently, I have been independently finding out about an app which can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play Store called HP Reveal. This uses augmented reality to create visual interactivity with the users smartphone to project an image over select features of a piece of media to give the user entertainment and further understanding of what they are using. This has been very important for me creating my music magazine as I was struggling to find something that really linked into the Blumler and Katz theory aspect of escaping daily lives, however I think this fits in very well.

Below you can see the part of the double-page spread on the left which must be scanned in the app in order to see the image on the right with all of the 6 images pop up. If you would like to try the software, you must download it off of the app store or google play store on a capable device, and then sign in or create an account and scan the image. To see a high definition version of these two JPEGs, click on them to see a higher quality PDF.

There is also a video representation below of what happens when you scan the image which can be seen below this comment.

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