So how was it? Great!

I have just about finished Component 1 of my A-Level Media Studies coursework and it is fair to say that I have learnt a great deal of new skills as I have gone along. I have learnt how to properly use Adobe Photoshop knowing how to properly crop images, change the saturation/hue of an image and much more. I have also learnt how to use InDesign delving deep into the many settings that can be used to manipulate text as well as the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro which will be used a lot in the near future when we get on to creating our music videos. Along with this I have also discovered and learnt to use some transferable skills that I know will crop up in other situations such as the communication and time management skills I have learnt.

I have also learnt how to present meanings/connotations through my work which can represent a genre or particular theme if engineered to do so through manipulating the camera and mise-en-scene, as well as the text I can add in InDesign and aspects of the image I can change using Photoshop.

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