The Finalised Second Prelim Task for my Video!

This is the secondary preliminary task that we have embarked on, this time taking into account both the mise-en-scene and camera but leaving out any dialogue.  Below this there is a story board which is followed by some strengths and things to be improved upon as well as the actual recording of the task.

This storyboard shows you a preliminary vision of what we wanted the final edited production media to look like after putting it through Adobe Premiere Pro.

Some Strengths of my Video are:

  • The emotion/theme of anger and annoyance is captured very well by using closeup shots on the models face after they realise the drink is not dropping out of the machine together with the change from calm, graceful music to rock music with drums and an electric guitar to symbolise a change in mood.
  • That I managed to cut down the time to a suitable duration for what the task was without removing any of the intended shots and keeping the video able to be understood by the person who is watching it improving the continuity. An example of this is 22 seconds into the video where I edited a second out every other second which created the effect of a jump cut.
  • I think one final strength of the production of the video would be how well we communicated to the actors to ensure we were able to keep what was happening in the actual video as close as possible to the storyboard. This helped overall to present a great quality video.

Three Things that could have been improved are:

  • I think that I should have taken a few more closeup shots of the models especially in the reaction shots to give a clear understanding to the audience of what is happening in the video.
  • Another thing that could have gone better is the camera wobbling on the tripod. I had previously screwed it onto the tripod however it wasn’t connected properly and therefore wobbled before and after touching the camera. This meant I had to edit the shots so that they would only properly start after the camera had stopped wobbling, even with this you can sometimes see the camera wobbling around a tiny bit.
  • We could have filmed the drink being released from the vending machine as the model walks away from it with the camera facing front on to the machine.This would add more understanding to the video in a shorter amount of time, making it more efficient overall.

Some things I learnt:

After editing and rendering the video in premiere pro, I can say that I have learnt how to properly import and edit in audio files to the video to add more understanding to the video. I have also learnt how to censor parts of a video in premiere pro so that I can use more emotive acting in some circumstances like at the end of my video where an actor flips the other off. One final skill that I have learnt is to make sure everything¬†is checked to be working in advance as when we got to the vending machine we realised it didn’t recognise ¬£1 coins and then add to spend time going and asking to exchange it for smaller change which took up a lot of valuable time that could be spent getting filler shots.

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